19 June 2010

New arrival - D-311: Black Zarak MIB

New arrival from Singapore, Transformers Masterforce D-311: Black Zarak MIB. I initially wanted this piece because I didn't have it and it would go someway toward completing Masterforce for me. After taking it out today with E, I suddenly realised how awesome this character is and why collectors are so madly crazy over it. Apart from its rarity and fragility due to GPS, its price point is pretty much on par with figures like C-114 Fortress Maximus or C-311 Grand Maximus.

Here are so preliminary pictures.

In packing box...

Out of box and E cleaning dust from the figure

Out of box and in attack mode

Base mode

With the Spear of Longinus (oops, wrong series, heh)

Black Zarak is joining the big boys' fight...


  1. Wow! That's a really nice piece.
    Been wanting to have one of those.
    I think you got it from AutoMorpher from TFW2005.

    Hope to be frens with you, cause im a transformer fan also.

  2. hi Michael, nice to meet you. Yes, got this from Automorpher. Are you part of the "Sam and Michael" team from Clarke Quay in the early 2000s? What's your user name on TFW2005? Cheers,
    ~ HD

  3. Nope! But if you can still remember, im the same person who asked you in yahoo, where to find transformers toys in Singapore a few months back.
    And thanks to you, i was able to find the victory saber giftset there.

    username in tfw2005 is combatron6969.

    Have a nice day ahead!

  4. Come to to daddy... BlackZarak! }=D


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