25 March 2008

Site update - March '08

[1] My recent trip back home has given me the opportunity to snap better pictures of some toys, particularly those Transformers from my childhood.

The Origin Story Chapter 1: Fantasies & Inflections have been updated with higher resolution pictures of my childhood Optimus Prime MIB and Grimlock MIB. A picture of my brother's Japanese box Cyclonus has also been added to the chapter.

See the chapter here.

[2] I have created a want list of Transformers that I want a double of, or simply in a better condition. If you have something on the list, especially an item marked with an asterisk, please drop me an email.

I will pay good money for such items and depending on how enamoured I am with the it, I will even pay a premium.

The list is here. A link to it is also available on the sidebar on the right.


Gratuitous pic of my brother's MIB D-70 Cyclonus, which is now properly appropriated by me. heh.

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