26 February 2014

one toy to rule them all - one ambassador to choose

In the first of his 'Ambassadors' series of articles, Maz asked the question "What toy would you choose to represent an entire toy line, if you had ONE choice, one toy you could pitch to a non-collector in order to sell the line?".

What I think he meant, was for a selection of 1 toy, from a specific line, to be an ambassador to that line of toys, in the Transformers context of course. As an example, the selection of G1 Optimus Prime as an ambassador of the G1 USA line, as a toy one could use to pitch to a non-collector in order to get the non-collector interested in that line, and so on and so forth.

I was asked to pitch in, and I have - in relation to my selection of an 'ambassador toy' for the Japanese G1 (exclusives) line.

The bad news? My pitch is not published yet.

The good new? Pitches from other stella contributors has been published already! Check them out here: Ambassadors – Part 1, featuring contributions by Gordon, Tony, Sid and Bryce.

This is also now being discussed on TFW: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-toy-discussion/976398-ambassadors-part-1-tfsource-article.html

On Seibertron here: http://www.seibertron.com/energonpub/ambassadors-part-1-tfsource-article-t98851.php

So... one toy to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them?

Which will it be?


  1. Want to know what toy did you select as Japanese G1 exclusives ambassador... Hhhmmm...
    Brave Maximus? Nope... Maybe... Raiden??? Want to know!!!! XD

    Hope to read you soon, my friend.

  2. Also interested to see which one, there's a lot of goodness to choose from, and from Headmasters all the way to Operation Combination, too much lol. I have an idea who it might be though. I will wait and see if I am right

  3. I'd choose Overlord. I dunno, I've only ever seen pictures of any Japanese exclusive figure. I do know that for US G1, I'd probably choose Optimus Prime just for recognition. But I'm also fond of throwing out a Scramble City combiner just to show what G1 was capable of.

  4. Hi Heroic, how are you? I bother you just to show you this. Maybe you are interested in get one. There are made by argentinian fans.


  5. We had a TF meetup and there was a guy completely new to the hobby. I had an extra Trail(cutter) with the comic and gave it to him. That's my ambassador.


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