09 February 2014

Hasbro 1985 Series 2 Jetfire MIB (Matsushiro too)

Recently, I purchased 3 USA MIB Transformers from a TFW2005 member, 2punish&enslave. One of them was a MIB Jetfire.

It's taken me quite some time, but I never seem to get this guy right. This is the 6th Jetfire that has been in my collection. Variously, none of the ones before this was quite right. I have 2 other MIB Jetfires, but somehow, they were variously, 'not right' - whether its the toy, the armour, or the box. I had them, but subconsciously, they were not exactly up to my expectations.

Holding this MIB Jetfire really changed all that. This one, I feel, is 'right'.

As can be seen above, it is not unused. However, it does come with all its parts, instructions, catalogue and used sticker sheet.

The box, while not perfect and not exactly C9, is really good enough for me. They are no tears (a common problem for Jetfire boxes) and its in relatively decent shape. There is a flap crease, but otherwise, I think its really nice.

This box is a 'pre-rub' box, although Jetfire is technically a 1985 (Series 2) toy where there are 'not supposed' to be pre-rubs. All Series 1 pre-rub boxes are distinguishable from the later rub-sign boxes by the stamping near the 'Transformers' words - pre-rub boxes are stamped "TM", while rub-sign boxes are stamped "R" with a circle.

Typically also, Matsushiro version Jetfires would have come in a pre-rub box, which is the earlier version of these boxes. These are of course, made by Matsushiro first and then Bandai.

The major 'selling point' behind this Jetfire and really that one that matters most to me and makes it the 'right one' is that it is 99% properly and professionally stickered. A properly stickered Jetfire is really a beauty and a breath-taking sight to behold all at once - it is a truely stunning toy that grabs and latches onto your attention immediately.

However, since I wanted to actually display the properly stickered Jetfire, I did something naughty and slapped my unused Matsushiro Jetfire, which is loose, into the nice box. 


MIB Matsushiro Jetfire, unused!

With its "unused" contents.

Now, it's starting to look good eh?

This looks even better!

The robot mode is so beautiful, I have to repeat the photo here.

Close up head shot


  1. So nice, Jetfire's been a favorite since childhood, him and Shockwave were my two favorite "big" figures then. beautiful pieces :)

    1. I've never seen the guy for sale during the G1 era where I am, but there were lots of Valkyries though.

      The biggest 'bot I could hope for when young was Snapdragon, and even that was denied!

  2. I really like this posting HD. Unfortunately, this is one of those figures that I have never had. I't just so hard to find one that is pristine. The box flap kills me, but I could give that up for a mint figure.
    Thanks for the info regarding the difference between the pre-rub and rub-sign versions.


  3. That is such a great looking specimen. Makes me want to fix up my Jetfire.

  4. What is the red rectangle transparent piece of plastic for


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