03 February 2014

another one checked off my Wants List - Japanese 37 - Devstar (Constructicons / Devastator) giftset

I actually traded a giftset for this 37-Devstar giftset while I was in Singapore a week and a bit ago. It was a good trade, and brings me closer to my aim of completing a certain segment of the Japanese TFs.

Another step closer to finishing up my Want List.


  1. Very nice, that clear wrap looks familiar :)

  2. That's a pretty nice piece HD!

    I took a look at your want list and I have to admit that there were some pieces in it that I thought you would have had already.

    Out of curiosity, I see you only have 1 '84 and 2 '85 G1 USA "wants". Have you completed in getting all the 84/85 US G1's or is there a line where some of them just don't meet your collection's direction?


    1. hi Joe!

      I actually have a complete run of USA G1 (but no ActionMasters, cos, erm, I don't like 'em). Some toys I have doubles or even triples of. For example, I have 3 sets of Dinobots - 1 for robot mode, 1 for dino mode and 1 set in box. For 90% of the 1984 to 1986, I have doubles so I can display each in both modes.

      The reason why I still have some 'Wants' is because for certain pieces, that are extra special to me, I really want some dazzling - eg: MOSC Laserbeak & Frenzy, etc, etc.

  3. Hey HD!

    Glad to see that you have such an awesome goal! (^o^)/ Myself, I am pushing to get my business goals completed so I can visit you guys, and vice-versa. That, and me getting into a series like Sword Art Online is that I do not hear them make any cool figures you'll end up buying. That, and I cannot decide if Kirito is either the series' version of Himura Kenshin or Star Saber.

    I guess I'll let you both decide. And I will be hoping that when everything is sorted and I can move, you still have a few pieces left... As that will give us something to do. So best of luck, dude! (^_^)v

    1. hey dude,

      business goals? hmmm... interesting. Not heard you talk about these before.

      star saber is slated to become an MP, so there is some good samurai action that you can do man.

      All the best dude!


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