28 January 2014

Today's Acquisitions - Japanese G1, whitened Jetfire, MPs, FP Roadbuster

Today was surreal. Actually, it was a crap day all things considered, but I won't go into that.

The evening was good though. Met up with a good buddy to collect back the Jetfire he helped me to whiten. It went from a mustard colour to this...

Also, 4 parcels arrived today. Yes, all on the same day. Who would have thought.

Parcel #1 is from VF-1, a buddy.
Parcel #2 is from an eBay seller.
Parcel #3 is from a private purchase.
Parcel #4 is from www.Masterforce.co.uk, an up and coming online toy store.

This is what's in the 4 parcels, the Jetfire I collected back and then also some stuff I picked up from ActionRobo (Generations Whirl and FP Roadbuster).

The 3 carded cassettes are courtesy of Masterforce.co.uk, thanks mate!

Boxed and carded cassettes!

PS: This I brought back from Singapore.... it was part of a trade deal.


  1. Love the boxed cassettes. I once owned #18 myself.

    Will you be doing a post on FP's version of Roadbuster?

    1. The boxed cassettes are pretty sublime and pretty (did i say pretty twice?).

      I *should* be doing a post on not-Roadbuster, but I'm not sure when I will get down to it. I heard that the global release is going to be in late March or April, which is a bummer for all others wanting him.

  2. Nice Haul HD, Love the boxed cassettes, I would like to get an American and a Japanese Ravage for my brother.

    1. Thanks man. All the best with getting the cassettes, sometimes these are tough.

  3. I agree with Bryce....really sweet haul. Looking forward to some reviews and comparisons on them.

    Where have you been for the past little bit?


    1. hi Joe, thanks for the kind words.
      I've been away on business and then last week was back in SG for a wedding. That's why i have been quiet...

  4. How did you get Jetfire white without fading on the other colors? Nice!

    1. To be honest, I am not sure. I gotta ask my friend. But I think he coated the colour parts with something before he dunked it in 50% H2O2


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