14 January 2014

I am selling some things on the TFW Boards

A little heads up, I am selling some things on the TFW Boards.

However, I am refraining from listing the link here because I want to give the people who are on the Boards a shot at the sales thread first.

After 24 hours, I will list a link (but I don't think this will stop the ingenious people from finding the thread anyways).

~ HD


  1. Found the thread! Go me! And then my wallet cried and my wife yelled at me. I was hoping to see a Metalhawk there.

  2. Damn....all the ones I would have considered are already gone.

    Any special reason for the sale HD?

    1. hi Joe, apologies for the radio silence. Email me your want list man....

  3. Gah! Too awesome of an opportunity to pass up. ;)


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