23 November 2013

Takara Transformers, Fight! Super Robot Life, 27 - Sludge MIB (#4 of 36)

Still on the matter of dinosaurs or Dinobots, we have Takara boxed 27 - Sludge for today's post.

I found it odd that Takara numbered Sludge as 27 after Grimlock's 26. Sure there is no logic to how they would number them, but because in the G1 cartoon there are always referred to as "Grimlock, Slag and Sludge", I always in my mind thought Slag should have come after Grimlock.

This is #4 of 36 from the mega loot.

Someday, I'm going to use my super secret ninja technique to remove the sticker residue on the top right of the box. Someday, but not today.

Sludge was one of the Transformer toys that I owned as a kid and so I would always have a soft spot for this guy. I used to love Sludge as a kid - the lumbering giant who is not so bright. In fact, I think he is probably the Dinobot with the lowest intelligence.

This is another minty MIB piece. I just have a weak spot for G1 boxes, really.

This is the back of his box. Odd that the early year Japanese G1 pieces did not come with Tech Specs, but just the profile.

USA Sludge in robot mode; USA Sludge in dino mode and Japanese Sludge MIB.

Sludge out of the box. Not exactly an unused piece since one of the missiles is off sprue. In the past, I'd lose sleep over that, but the me of today is more pragmatic - near enough is good enough. Heh.

Close up of Sludge in dino mode. As a kid, I always wished that he had a longer neck and erm, some eyes! Poor Sludge.

Oh, so that's where Sludge's eyes went....

Out of the box and with paperworks. Stickers has been applied. Like I said, I would have mind in the past, now, I'm just happy I've got this piece.

Shelf with my loose Dinobots - 1 for robot mode and 1 for dino mode.

~ HD


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  1. Another great piece HD! I'm really looking forward to seeing what the complete listing is for this massive lot that you bought. I can only assume that you must have bought it from another collector? Were they getting out of collecting, taking their collection in a different direction, freeing up space, or something else?

    Speaking of freeing up space, I know that I have read that you have moved as few times but I don't remember if you have more than one place of residence, or storage space or whatever the case may be, but since space is a premium where you live, when or what makes you decide to change your collection up by putting pieces away and bringing others out?


    1. hi Joe, thanks fro dropping by once more. The "complete" listing will be unveiled progressively over time. haha....

      I did buy it from another collector who was selling a huge chunk of his collection for various reasons that are personal to him/her.

      I do have a number of places that has my toys stored in them, not just in HK. Typically, how I decide what is displayed is judged by what I like most - in this sort of discussion in my mind, G1 usually comes out tops. So my displays are geared to display as much G1 as possible. I actually have a pretty large CHUG collection, but there is simply no space to put them out.

  2. You're not the only one, I thought the sequence was always 1.Grimlock, 2.Slag, 3.Sludge, 4.Snarl, 5.Swoop.

    1. yeah i agree! That's how Prime called to them in the G1 cartoon days, that's the way it must be.

      A bit like "Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp..."


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