09 November 2013

Decepticon car and my brother played with my TFs, yay!

In a detraction from my normal posts, today, I talk about something fun.

Over last weekend, my brother and his family were in HK visiting E and myself. We had lots of fun going to places and eating good food.

On the day before we went to Disneyland, I did this to our car....

Decepticon insignia!

I did it by wiping off some of the layer of dust that has settled on the car over the past 1-2 weeks. It's so dusty here that after a week, a very visible layer of dust will have settled on the car. I wanted to add some colour, but seeing that the car was already purple (and so are Decepticon insignias), I decided that no addtional colour was necessary.

At night, E added what she called her 'Halloween' touch to my Decepticon insignia....

Haha, that was fun.

Before flying off this Monday, my brother, his family and my mum were in my apartment for the morning while I was off at work. Then in the afternoon they flew back home (there is a point to this).

Then, I was away on business from Tuesday to Thursday and was dead tired when I got back on Thursday. So, yesterday (which was a Friday), I was sitting down having dinner at home and looking at my Transformers shelves (as I do) and I saw some abnormalities.

I think some of them are moved.

Aha, it's possibly my brother who moved them when he was in my apartment and 'unsupervised'.

See here, I think my brother transformed yellow Cliffjumper and Bumper into their vehicle modes and made them face each other. It's exactly the type of playful thing I expect my brother to do, heh.

I started looking at all shelves to see if anything else has been touched or moved. Sure enough, I saw that the position of my brother's favourite TF, Slag, has been moved. I'm surprised that he did not transform Slag.

I looked further, and see that Swoop has been moved 90 degrees as well.

So, I quickly texted my brother and asked if he has played with the TFs and he said "what took you so long to notice!".

This is a comparison photo taken in late August 2013 with arrows pointing to what my brother has moved / transformed. For now, I am going to leave the moved stuff as is because whenever I see it, it reminds me that my brother was here at my place and taken the time to fiddle with the TFs.

One thing is for sure - I'm very glad that my childhood play buddy has touched and played with my Transformers.

It has certainly brightened my day. =)

PS: my brother owned his fair share of TFs back in the day. Don't believe? Check out the list right here! Today, my brother's D-70: Cyclonus MIB (still very C9), sits snugly in my collection.


  1. That's pretty neat. No one's allowed to touch my collection on pain of death. The last time I left someone unattended with my collection, they broke Groove. Not cool man, not cool.

    1. Sorry to hear about someone breaking your Groove. =(
      It's generally true that I'm not keen to let people touch my collection, however, I have exceptions - my wife and brother can definitely touch whatever they like; and collector friends can touch too.

      For my wife and brother, they have a free pass. If they do break something, I would just buy another piece. But I will never alienate them from my hobby because I prefer for them to be a part of it and can enjoy it.

      My brother is my childhood play buddy and if there is anyone in this world that I can trust with my Transformers, it is him (although he is not a collector himself). In our entire childhood, he has never broken a single TF nor a single part nor has he lost anything. In fact, if anything, I am guilty of breaking the smoke-stack of my G1 Prime. haha...

  2. I always like to ask collectors when I see their shelf displays on whether having everything displayed is better, or sometimes having less on the shelves is better because the focus is more on the few figures shown.
    Have you ever thought about downsizing the amount of figures you have out, and maybe display your figures on a rotational basis?

    1. hi Joe, thanks for dropping by once more!

      Hmmm... despite what you see, the toys in those shelves are probably only 15-20% of my collection if not less. So actually, I do not have "everything" displayed, just some! =)

      As it is, I am already displaying them on a rotational basis. The present ones you see is the USA cast, sometimes, I switch them out for the Japanese exclusive cast.

      There is however, one thing that might use some clarity. I recognise that on photos, the shelves look like a mess and a cluster-f*ck of robots, they do look like that - because in photos, there is no DEPTH perception.

      In person however, they do look good. And you won't actually feel there is a lot, because you can perceive the depth, because your eyes can choose to see each layer / plane on its own, before moving to the next. Believe it or not, in real life, they do not seem as crowded or as messy as in the photos... =)


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