03 July 2012

Heroic's Hunt - Day 04 - Den Den Town once more, rain rain go away, come again another day...

Ok, so today is day 4 (actually the fifth day) and my last day here in Japan.

Day didn't start very well. Didn't sleep well. At 10am, went down to check out and intended to have french toast at Anna Colours Coffee and start a relaxing morning. It was anything but. Found out Anna Colours does not open till 11.30am, so I had to settle for pancakes from the cafe across the road. The problem? It's raining cats and little dogs and I don't like little dogs (big dogs are awesome, not little ones).

The rain was so heavy, I was stuck at the pancakes cafe for an hour. When the rain became lighter, I went to Entertainment Jungle to nab the MISB Lucky Draw Black Tracks. Well, a buddy wanted it at first, but now he didn't. I showed the photos to E and she liked it, so I'm going to buy it anyway. heh.

MISB lucky draw black Tracks (a homage to the pre-Transformers Finnish exclusive black Corvette Stingray)

Lucky, I saw Road Rage after I bought lucky draw black Tracks.

At around 12, I decided to go across back to Anna Colours and have my french toast, but found out from them that they no longer do french toast. Sacrilegious. Ok, had lunch there anyway and started walking around in the now light rain.


Walked around the street that was parallel to the main Den Den Town stretch. Not much here really. Well, there were lots of hentai stuff...

Then at around 2pm, I went to my now favourite shop in Osaka for a final run. Caved in and bought the Defensor and Menasor decoys, both of which were MISP. Even got a 1000yen discount, how nice. Then I asked the shop owner if he had any other thing 'special' and he whipped out a diaclone piece to show me. 

I was like huh? That looks strange. Never seen it before. But held it in my hand and it looks good. So I decided to buy it. Yeah, I'm just the master of impulsive buys...

Had to start heading to the airport at 3.30pm for my 6pm.

Bye bye Osaka, it has been good!

On plane

Dinner with E back in HK - say hi to Miffy!

~ HD

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