07 July 2012

Heroic's Hunt - Osaka / Tokyo toy hunt tally!

Here it is, Heroic's usual tally up after a toy hunt trip.

When I was there, I kept thinking, man, there's nothing here and I bought things here and there. This morning, when I was tallying up my acquisitions, I realised that I've actually bought a fair few things.

A small caveat - I've snuck a few pieces that arrived before my Japan trip which I didn't have time to update as acquisitions into the group shot, heh. Bite me.

From Osaka / Tokyo:
  1. Gnaw MIB, Japanese mailaway edition
  2. C-107: Crosshairs MIB, unused
  3. D-90: Slugslinger MIB
  4. Micromaster MT-04 MISB
  5. SD-21: Bruticus Maximus MISB
  6. Lucky Draw black Tracks MISB
  7. Decoy Defensor (green) MISP
  8. Decoy Menasor (orange) MISP
  9. MyClone Sideswipe
  10. MyClone Red Alert (chase figure)
  11. Brave Police Shadowmaru MIB, unused (Sixshot redeco)
  12. TV Artbook #14
  13. TV Artbook #43
  14. TV Artbook #55
  15. TV Magazine with foldout Transformers poster
  16. Transformers: Generations 2012
  17. Transformers G1 PC game pocket guide book
  18. Bleach original art of Ichimaru Gin (not pictured)
  19. Bleach original art of Kuchiki Byakuya (not pictured)
  20. Diaclone MIB unused piece (not pictured)
Not from Japan but included in photo:
  1. G1 Scourge MIB, unused (painted top version)
  2. C-84: Sprung MIB, unused
  3. C-202: Phoenix MIB, unused
  4. C-203: Diver MIB, unused
  5. D-329: Leozack MIB
  6. D-330: Gai Hawk MIB
  7. D-331: Hellbat MIB
  8. D-332: Jarugar MIB
  9. D-333: Killbison MIB
  10. D-334: Drillhorn MIB
  11. Toyworld Hegamon MIB

Overall acquisitions

Finally got a missile for my Missile Master....

1 out of the 4 rubber figures are extremely rare. Guess which.

Lucky draw black Tracks belongs to E

Finally, after 2 years of searching, I found Artbook #43 (the one with the Fort Max box art in front) and boy are the contents sweeeeet....


  1. Myclone Red Alert! Jelly muchly! I've given up in my persuit for him.

    1. I was not actually actively looking either. I actually got it for someone else on the OZ Boards!

  2. Nice pick-ups! Is the Japanese mailaway Gnaw any different from the american release version?

    1. I'm sure dude, my USA Gnaw is in Singapore so I can't compare the 2. However, I doubt there are differences because the Jap one appears to just be a USA boxed Gnaw with a sticker on it, contents should be the same - except that the Jap one comes with a Japanese and English instruction sheet.

    2. No matter, I still want one for my wife's Gnaw collection. I'm going to keep my eye out for one.

    3. I'll keep an eye out for you too!

  3. Holy crud are those some nice pick ups! What was the Diaclone figure that you picked up?

    1. Thanks for the kind words! The diaclone figure will have to remain unrevealed for the moment... heh.

  4. Those are some excellent aqusations, H_D! Black Tracks and Pretenders plus Japanese mail-away Shartikon Gnaw. :D

    1. Thanks Adam! Coincidentally, all the pieces you have named are pieces that I intend to keep for myself.... hahaha. Most of what you see in the photos would have been (or are to be) sold to fellow collectors.

  5. I want a Black Tracks too... oh well. lolol

    1. The reissue one is not that rare, and not that expensive either. Should be easy for you dude!

  6. HD as always an amazing selection of stuff.. very jealous!!!

  7. So... what's in artbook #43?

    1. Some very nice artwork from the Headmaster series. You'd especially like the last couple of pages as it features box art for Stepper, Artfire and a full unobstructed image of the USA Fortress Maximus art!


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