23 July 2012

Comparison of MyClone Sideswipe and Red Alert

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the chase and pretty rare MyClone figure Red Alert. Today, I thought I'd have some comparison shots with him and his 'original' mold brother, Sideswipe, the MyClone version that is.

Here they are side by side. They are predominantly the same figure (actually most MyClones are since they share certain basic parts), that are repainted. Interestingly, they have their launchers on different sides, like they were shown on the G1 Marvel design sheets. I don't really consider that a variation through, because their arms can be popped out and just placed on different sides. But its nice to see Takara actually make the effort.

Their side view.

Back view. As can be seen, both have rocket packs. Red Alert shouldn't have one, but oh well...

The other side.

Some more shots...

This is my favourite photo!

Sideswipe taking centre stage

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