22 November 2011

some updates, some market watch items

Like mentioned in my previous post, it's been awhile.

It's been awhile because I have been hitting the books.

It's been awhile because I did not have the time.

It's been awhile, but I do have updates.

On the Transformers community front, I have been helping out Botch and Ginraii over at Botch's Box Art Archive. I have scanned and contributed high resolution box art images of many characters including Artfire, Minerva, Go-Shooter, Black Shadow, Blue Bacchus, Sky Hyper, etc. I did not have time to edit them, so I guess they will appear there when Ginraii or some other editor does the editing.

On the Transformers toy collecting front, I have been acquiring stuff too. These include some MOSC Triggerbots and Triggercons, very sweet, and also a certain giftset from 1986. Unfortunately, no photos at the moment.

On the non-TF front, I have started acquiring some pieces of "illusion is the ultimate weapon" aka M.A.S.K. Quite excited that Goliath, my childhood favourite, is among these.

On to Market Watch...

The TF market in HK has been really quiet these past months. G1 pieces are coming in few and far between.

At In's Point, the shop with the Big Powered set (incomplete) has sold and now has a complete loose Overlord for sale. 

Wai Gu Kok has some 'new' stuff in including (yet another) C-114 Fortress Maximus unused MIB, C-328: Victory Saber giftset MIB unused near C10, C-324: Star Saber MIB unused, C-327: Victory Leo MIB unused, D-93: Mega Zarak (don't know condition), yet another D-307: Overlord MIB unused near C10, Goodbye Megatron giftset and Goodbye Convoy giftset.

Sporadically, TF: Prime is coming out with Acree selling out the fastest. Hobby Base still has them and is selling Arcee and Bumblebee as a set for HK$248, a pretty good price I think.

Since the release of MP-10, the prices for MP-04 has spiked (why? I don't know). Now, people are asking between HK$2000 to HK$2800 for a MISB MP-04. Nuts huh.

Will update with photos soon.


~ HD


  1. well maybe cause MP-04 is bigger? bigger therefore more expensive! :)

  2. Could be true, or could be that people suddenly realise that bigger is better!

  3. Hey bro.. how much is Wai Gu Kok selling C-114 Fortress Maximus, C-328: Victory Saber giftset, C-324: Star Saber MIB unused, C-327: Victory Leo and D-93?

  4. @ Yong Xi - C-114 was HKD$26,800, but its already sold; Victory Saber giftset is HKD$9800, think it's still there; C-324 + C-327 selling as a set, don't know price, probably about HKD$4500; D-93 not sure.

    All the above are near C10 condition, unused, complete paperworks and unused sticker sheets.

  5. @ Yong Xi - went down yesterday. C-114 is gone / sold. D-93 is HKD$13,000.


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