28 January 2011

Some recent acquisitions of recently released toys

Here are some recent acquisitions of recently released toys and some photos show-casing my latest set-up for taking photos...

Reveal the Shield Scout Class Figures - Backfire (for E), Windcharger (such an awesome figure, and with tractor beams too!) and Firetrap (this is going to be my 'Classics' Brawn)

Reveal the Shield Legends Class Optimus Prime and Megatron (will be used for dioramas in place of WST Prime and Megatron) and Perfect Effect Rumble & Frenzy (finally decided to get these after many months of struggling, knowing that I probably won't like them)

Music Label Blaster and Soundwave

Henkei Cyclonus

Scourge (this is an awesome figure too and very subtly paying tribute to G1)

Cyclonus and 2 Sweeps

Cyclonus, Sweeps and Astrotrain



  1. Ah, finally! :p
    I've been waiting for an update for a while Heroic, some nice acquisitions there dude - So jealous of the Scourge, (L) Megatron and (L) Optimus figures though! :D

    I'm liking your new Photo setup too, it bounces the light around quite nicely and acts as a very clean backdrop. ;)

  2. Did I see the eHobbyBase sticker on that Perfect Effect items? :)

    Just wanted to thank you for your Hong Kong tips. I went to In's Point and saw a Liokaiser and the GoodBye sets (the later was marked as "Sold"). I finally decided against getting the Liokaiser since it's very likely I will be able to source it cheaper pretty soon. Thanks again!!

  3. @ Roger: Pleasure to be helping a fellow fan. The Liokaiser they have there was just way to expensive for the rational collector. Liokaiser may feature a great design, but the toys are really not of superior quality and should not have to cost so much. Hope you enjoyed HK!

    @ Hursti: As always, appreciate you dropping by. Stay tuned, as updates are going to come fast and furious with many featuring my romp in Tokyo and Hokkaido!


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