03 November 2009

Random Pic of the Day - the Decepticon Seekers

One of my all time favourite shots in my glass display case with white laminate backing to accentuate the colours of the figures.

The six Decepticon seekers - (top row) Skywarp, Thundercracker, Starscream, (second row) Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet.

Acquired these in early 2000. I made it a point to obtain pre-rub versions of the 1984 seekers, and gosh, were these difficult to come by. I wanted them pre-rub for their clean designed cockpits - ie without the 'ridge' that is present in all later year seekers and all reissue seekers in the years to come. Also, since the pre-rub seekers seem to have lunchers with slightly stronger springs, I did not load their missiles into the launchers for this picture.

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