29 November 2009

Series 5 (1988) - Powermaster Slapdash MIB

The first part of what is going to be a massive update.

I have in the past 2-3 months acquired many G1 Mint in Box Transformers. Some have already been showcased. Today, more will be showcased.

Slapdash is probably the second G1 Autobot that transforms into an F1 type race car. Arguably not as nice a Mirage but this is still a pretty sweet piece (which I'm happy to have considering how difficult it is to track down MIB Powermasters nowadays).

The box is quite a bit below the condition I would usually accept, but I am really happy with the condition of toy and 100% complete accessories. Importantly, nothing is broken, which is more than I can say for Powermaster TFs where 90% upwards are broken somewhere because someone tried to transform them without 'activating' the powermaster gimmick.

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