29 November 2009

Series 5 (1988) - Autobot Sixchanger Assualt Warrior Quickswitch

The six-changer concept was something I was very interested in since back in 1988. It was, however, largely unexplored because the US cartoon continuity ended in '87.

The Japanese Headmasters and Masterforce series did show a little more about these powerful robots but did not make them any more interesting. They typically transformed from one mode to another without much rhyme or reason.

With the IDW comics-verse, Sixshot became a star (literally and figuratively, since he is supposed to be made from the 'compacted matter of a fallen star'), but Quickswitch, his Autobot counterpart, still received no love.

I don't recall Quickswitch appearing in any comics or even cartoons. A re-coloured incarnation of him, Sixknight, did appear in Masterforce but that is arguably another character entirely.

I think its high time Quickswitch got some love, but since he still has not, I'm going to give him some - by featuring him here.

Quickswitch is easily as powerful and interesting as Sixshot and also equally unpredictable. Still, he would be an asset to the Autobot cause.

Quickswitch tranforms into:
- a jet;
- a puma;
- a laser pistol;
- a drill tank;
- a hovercraft; and
- a robot.

His Tech Specs say:

"Completely unpredictable. Changes his mood as often as he changes his mode. Can be compassionate, merciless, friendly, hateful, happy, or angry, depending on what time of day it is. Equipped with 6 different modes: robot warrior, assault hovercraft cruiser, jet-propelled laser pistol, assault beast with stealth shielding, armor-piercing drill tank, suborbital fighter jet. Armed with twin photon blasters."
(okay, the Tech Specs are not very informative)

The Dreamwave More Than Meets the Eye Sourcebooks says:

"Among those rare Transformers who are biomechanically inclined to multiple transformations, Quickswitch is the first Autobot Six Changer. His capacity to change form is written so deep in his spark that it dominates his entire personality. He's moody at best and unstable at worst - Qucikswitch can't maintain a feeling or emotion for very long before it turns into something else, often entirely different. Witnesses have reported him exhorting his comrades to show mercy before a battle and then tearing through Decepticons with all the compassion of an energon-scythe. Quickswitch's problem is deeper than a few crossed wires, and its one that he's tried to correct... yet all medical tests show that there is absolutely nothing wrong with him in terms of mental functioning. Quickswitch suspects that the Decepticon Sixshot, the first Six Changer, may somehow possess the clue needed to equalise his own metal processes. The one unchanging thing about Quickswitch is that he is determined to get the answers to his origin and solution to his processes."

I recently acquired this very interesting Canadian boxed Quickswitch for E. Quickswitch is one of the Transformers she likes. It is interesting because it looks very much like its US box counterpart, and so is a lot more likeable than say the European boxes. The main difference is that there are a set of French words for every set of English words that appears on the box.

Here are some pictures...

The Canadian version of Quickswitch came with a massive amount of paperwork - there are English and French versions of each of the catalogues that came with the toy.


  1. Eh, the problem with six-changers is that in the end none of the modes really looks much like what they're supposed. Too much compromise is required.

    That is indeed a pretty pristine Quickswitch you have there. Hey, if you think the colors in the box art pic I have aren't accurate enough, feel free to scan yours. :D

    In truth, it's rare to have such completely unobstructed character art on the package.

  2. Yup, that's the issue with 6 changers. I think Quickswitch's modes are more 'compromised' than Sixshots though.

    Your site already has a very nice Quickswitch. I'll pull out the box and visually compare.


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