15 August 2009

a US box Fortress Maximus?

I'm just thinking whether I should buy a US box Fortress Maximus seeing as I have the other versions of the guy.

So far, I have:
  • C-114, Fortress Maximus;
  • C-310, Grand Maximus;
  • C-027, ブレイブマキシマス (RiD Brave Maximus in Japanese box); and
  • C-027, 브레이버막시무스 (Brave Maximus in Korean box).
A US box Fort Max would complete them.

Keeping in mind that I have, for some reason quite unknown to myself, not bought any G1 Transformers for the past year, what should I do?


  1. Hell... go for the Lucky Draw Brave Maximus then!

  2. sounds like an idea! Lucky Draw Brave Max is quite a lot like the normal Brave Max but with 2 red guns and gasket and grommet... not sure whether I wanna go there since I've 2 Brave Maximii already...


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