19 August 2009

Transformers Japan - Masterforce Episode List

Super God Masterforce Episodes
  1. Arise Pretenders!
  2. The Destrons' terrifying manhunt
  3. The targeted jumbo jet
  4. Birth of the Headmaster juniors
  5. Little demons run wild
  6. Showdown in the wilderness
  7. Panic! Protect the wildlife
  8. The super warriors, the Godmaster Brothers
  9. The Cybertrons are in danger
  10. The chosen hero is Ginrai
  11. Ginrai's angry, "God On"
  12. The miraculous friendship
  13. Is the monster friend or foe?
  14. Destroy Ginrai
  15. Super Ginrai is born
  16. Lightfoot - A dramatic encounter
  17. An enemy? The third Godmaster
  18. A powerful foe - Sixknight the Wanderer
  19. Four Godmasters, assemble
  20. The Cybertron warrior, Sixknight?!
  21. Rescue the girl
  22. Lightfood finds his back to the wall
  23. Expose the Destrons' dark trap
  24. Battle in the desert
  25. Destroy the Godbomber plan
  26. God Ginrai goes into space
  27. Showdown on the Moon
  28. The psionic whirlwind
  29. Undersea volcano eruption
  30. Destroy Godbomber
  31. The final Godmaster
  32. Destroy the Cybertron base
  33. The Cybertron base explodes
  34. Black Zarak, Destroyer from Space
  35. The day of mankind's destruction
  36. Save Cancer?
  37. Showdown at the Destron Undersea Base
  38. The new Black Zarak
  39. The reborn Darkwings
  40. The battle for survival
  41. The true form of Devil Z
  42. The ultimate battle

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