06 May 2008

Neil Gaiman book signing

As a general rule, I endeavour to keep the contents of this site Transformer in nature, or at the very least, Transformer related.

Today's post may be an exception to that general rule.

I wish I could name an instance where Neil 'the master of modern fantasy' Gaiman was linked to the Transformers. That way, I could at least pass this off as 'a Transformer related entry'. I know of no such instance (but I will try to connect this to Transformers, somehow).

All I can say is how profoundly Gaiman's body of work had and still continues to influence me. The Song of Orpheus (Sandman Special #1) was the first ever Gaiman book I picked up, when I was but a tot, in 1991. It was so gripping that I started following The Sandman series and reading its back issues. This was by all accounts abnormal back then, what with superstars like Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Whilce Portacio and Marc Silvestri being on the rise; what with the formation of image comics... these were all the rage back then.

Still, for me, there was nothing like Sandman. Nothing quite like Gaiman's writing. Writing that hits all the right notes and resonates into the deepest recesses of the psyche.

I have over the years read and re-read The Sandman more times than I can put a finger to, and just as quickly read everything else he writes, whether comic, illustrated picture book or novel.

Today. 6th May 2008. Books Kinokuniya at the Galleries Victoria. Sydney city.

I met Neil Gaiman, in-the-person.

I met my idol. I spoke to him. I had books signed by him. And I shook hands with him.

For me, it was truely momentous. It was earth-shattering. It was awesome.

I got signatures and doodles for the following:
  • Absolute Sandman (volume 1)
  • Marvel 1602
  • Fragile Things (first print)
  • Stardust (illustrated hardcover) (for godmum)
  • Stardust (illustrated hardcover) (for sis)
Here I have Neil signing my copy of Absolute Sandman, not just at any page, but on the cover of issue #08- The sound of her wings.

'Could you sign here please? I'm aware this is a significant issue for The Sandman and your career at that time' I said.

'It still is, you know' he answered.

He voluntarily shook my hand before I left, probably as a result of my gf telling him that I waited 18 years to meet him in person and that I cajoled 3 other people to attend with me so I could get more things signed.

Above: Me shaking hands with Neil Gaiman, as much a hero to me as Optimus Prime is. (ahh, I made the Transformer connection!)


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  1. Isn't Neil lovely? Am enthralled for you, Brandon! :D

    It was great to hear from you, I'll see you around!

    - Trina

  2. heh, he is. He is funny. I didn't write this in the entry but guess what dedication he wrote on the cover The Sound of her Wings? (I'm assuming you know this is the introduction of Dream's sister Death).

    He wrote:
    don't die.
    - Neil.'

  3. Looking good, man!


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