05 May 2008

Preview of Box Art edits

I cleaned out my schedule over the weekend to Help the Archive edit box art. I've done 9 so far. Here is a little preview since they might not go live on Botch's site just yet.

At full size, these babies are 600 dpi, about 2000 pixels across, are sharp as knifes and clear as crystal.

Top row: Raiden, Cyclonus (Targetmaster), Scourge (Targetmaster)
Middle row: Pointblank, Crosshairs, Sureshot
Bottom row: Slugslinger, Triggerhappy, Misfire


  1. Indeed, a truly heroic feat, especially for a professed Decepticon.

  2. Scourge's boxart looks kinda weird... His head's kinda out of proportion with his body. lol.

  3. I just gotta thank the crab who does not botch up.

    Hmmm... I always liked Scourge targetmaster when I was young. One of my fav toys... box art could be better though.


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