07 December 2007

Metalverse Hot Rod- the Photos

Admittedly, I have been tardy.

The photos of this great figure were a long time in coming. The main dilemma I faced was selecting the best shots, out of 196 photos, to put up here. The challenge after that was, how to present all the material without having to subject readers to endlessly scrolling through the site.

Slide.com presented a solution.

It's time now, to let the pictures of this great figure speak for themselves!

The packaging (direct from Hobby Link Japan)

360 degree view of Metalverse Hot Rod

The Details
The absolute G1-ness of the details is breathtaking and seems to have come right out of Floro Dery's sketchbook.

Metalverse Hot Rod meets Quintesson Prosecutor
'I have nothing but contempt for this court' - Hot Rod in TFTM

Metalverse Hot Rod meets Blaster
'You've towered over the G1 me for 20 years. I've had enough! Who's the man now eh?' - Hot Rod to Blaster

Metalverse Hot Rod meets Scorponok
'Laddie, you may have grown, but I'd still p0wn you if I'm so inclined.' - G1 Scorponok to Metalverse Hot Rod


Saving the best for last- Metalverse Hot Rod meets Metalforce Optimus Prime! (yes, I did indeed go out and get this figure as I hinted to myself here).

'One day... an Autobot shall rise from our ranks...'

'... and use the power of the Matrix...'

'... to light our darkest hour.' - Optimus Prime in Transformers: The Movie [1986]

More pictures of Metalverse Hot Rod here.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if the Metalverse Hot Rodimus has any articulation (shoulders or neck). Beautiful pics. Thanks for your time.

  2. Really cool pics:)

  3. Thanks for the kind words Rodimus!

    Chieh, Metalverse Hot Rod does not have any articulation. He stands there, stoic and stern. I think the sculptor intended that there be no articulation, because looking at the joints, it is easy enough to make the head and arms articulate at least.

    Personally, I prefer it without articulation, because it means that the figure in the the sculptor's preferred pose and also because I view figures of this size and detail as statues and so don't really want to move them. For these reasons, I almost wish the Metalforce Optimus Prime has no articulation!

    Let me know what you think.

  4. Thanks for the response, HD. The sculpt is amazing (I love G1 Hot Rod, more than Prime). I'd prefer it to have some articulation (like the Metalverse Prime or the Botcon Galvatron), but I think it's too good to pass up. I just need to find one for a decent price.

  5. Whoops, I meant Metalforce Prime. Anyway, I wish they'd do an official release Galvatron in this style. The Botcon one is a bit small.

  6. This sculpt of Hot Rod is amazingly beautiful (and really, I'm not Hot Rod fan since I am of the opinion that he caused Prime's death in TFTM).

    It comes with a base plate (detachable) that is also quite heavy.

    Not sure where you can find this piece though. I bought it at 'retail' from HLJ when it was released and it cost about AU$130 back then.

    Apparently there were plans (at the time Metalverse Hot Rod was released) to release Galvatron and/or Thunderwing in this style, but I've not seen anymore news on that.

  7. The greatest Autobot of all time: Rodimus Prime!


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