13 May 2015

Diaclone CarRobot No.18 Lancia Stratos Turbo "Marlboor" (Malboro) version aka 'Marlboor Wheeljack' or now called Exhaust

I previously had a very mint, unused, Diaclone CarRobot No.18 Lancia Stratos Turbo (Malboro edition) toy. For lack of a better term, this is commonly known as the "Marlboor Wheeljack" in the fandom.

In what I would later regret as an unwise move in hindsight, I traded my previous Marlboor Wheeljack away - there's even a story here.

Today, the second Marlboor Wheeljack I bought, from a US based seller, arrived. Thank you GD and thank you Maz for making the connection.

I have fixed my past transgression.

Above is a shot showing Takara Japanese boxed 03-Wheeljack (2 boxes, one is empty), Hasbro USA boxed Wheeljack, Diaclone Marlboor Wheeljack, Masterpiece Wheeljack MIB, Masterpiece Exhaust MIB (aka Masterpiece Marlboor Wheeljack), loose pre-rub Wheeljack in robot mode and a loose rub-sign Wheeljack in car mode.

Question: Why do I have so many? 
Answer: influenced by Heraldofunicron!

Above is a cheeky show of the Marlboor Wheeljack in the 03 box (the Diaclone box and Japanese box styros are interchangeable).

One little fact about the Marlboor Wheeljack box is that the numbers on it is different from a regular Diaclone Wheeljack box, although every other thing about the box is same. Marlboor Wheeljack's box serial numbers are "159704-8-1700".

The very mint unused contents.

It is so snowy white (in person) that I almost didn't dare to even touch it... but once I did and took it out, well, it looks like a cigarette packet!

Don't believe me? Compare!

In real life, this is supposed to look like this...

 Happy belated April Fool's day.

Alright, I end with a cheeky shot taken by my mate Valkyrie_76...


  1. Would love to see some side-by-side photos of Marlboor Wheeljack with MP Exhaust out of their boxes!

  2. Dude, that is very cool!


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