25 December 2014

... moments this year (and last), when it felt like Christmas!

This year, I didn't get any toys for Xmas.

To then get that festive feeling, I figured I should post about those times in the past year (or two), where it felt like Christmas.
Most of the shots in this post are unreleased group shots that I did when I received toys (or large lots of toys), mainly because I like to post about the toys individually before posting a large group shot. Due to my posting speed, I still have yet to complete posting about the toys I received from way back in June 2013!

The June 2013 loot - or actually, it's Lot #1 from Devstar37.

Lot #1 consists of the following: 08: Streak MIB unused, 26: Grimlock MIB, 27: Sludge MIB, 28: Slag MIB, 29: Snarl MIB, 30: Swarp (Swoop) MIB, TF-01: Sixbuilder MIB unused, D-56: Ramjet MIB = $250 and VSZ giftset (Skids, Sunstreaker, Buzzsaw). 9 items in total.

I never did take a group shot of Lot #1 because I opened them little by little. This is the first 5 pieces from Lot #1, all the Japanese boxed Dinobots. The below shot is quite special because the Dinobots were the first to inhabit that white shelf, which was a new addition to my home.

Another shot of the 5 Dinobots from Lot #1 (this photo I have posted before).

3 sets of Dinobots in total - 1 set for robot mode, another set for dinosaur mode and the third set in Japanese boxes.

The early August 2013 loot - or actually, it's Lot #2 from Devstar37

This Lot #2 is actually considerably larger than Lot #1 because, as I was taking and staring at the photo of the 5 Dinobots above, the thought dawned on me that I should collect all of Japanese numbering #01 to #49, which are essentially US Series 1 and Series 2 (1984 and 1985).

It was with that in mind that I quickly hit up Devstar37 again to see which of the #01 to #49 pieces he still had. This is Lot #2.

Lot #2 consists of the following: 01- Convoy, 02 - Hound, 04 - Lambor (Sideswipe) unused, 05 - Alert (Red Alert), 06 - Meister (Jazz) unused, 09 - Prowl, 10 - Inferno, 16 - Megatron, 22 - Starscream unused, 23 - Skywarp unused, 24 - Thundercracker unused, 38 - Broadblast (Blaster) unused, 39 - Perceptor, 40 - Kickback, 41 - Bombshell, 42 - Sharpnel, 43- Blitzwing,  47 - Grapple, 48 - Astrotrain (white) unused, 49 - Laserwave (Shockwave) unused, C-306: Roadking MISB, Camshaft (white box with blue line art), Downshift (white box with blue line art), Overdrive (white box with blue line art), Ratchet (white box with blue line art), TF-06 and TF-07. 26 items in total.

All the seekers in their shelf with another loose set in robot mode below.

The late August 2013 loot - or actually, it's Lot #3 from Devstar37

This is not a true "lot" in the sense of the word because its to top up some of the pieces that was agreed for lot 2, but that Devstar37 could not ship or missed out packing into the second lot.

Lot #3 consists of the following: C-60: Pipes MOSC, C-61: Tailgate MOSC, D-72: Octane unused and D-57: Thrust. 4 items in total.

The June 2014 loot - or actually, it's Lot #4 from Devstar37

This comes a full year after Lot #1. There were various reasons for that, some of which were personal to either myself or Devstar37, so I shall not go into that other than to say there were some logistical difficulties but also that prior to this time, I did not 'know' that I wanted the pieces in this lot.

As I was edging toward completion of #01 to #49, I thought to myself that I should try to complete the Japanese box Headmasters and Targetmasters too. In this lot, the D-355 Liokaiser giftset was just an opportunistic buy (I had since a few years ago already completed later year Japanese series' such as Masterforce, Victory, Zone, Return of Convoy and Operation Combination).

This Lot #4 consisted of the following: 6 Japanese Throttlebots MIB (Goldbug, Chase, Searchlight, Freeway, Rollbar and Wideload); D-335: Liokaiser giftset MIB; D-303: Squeezeplay MIB; C-103: Highbrow MIB; C-105: Sureshot MIB; D-88: Tiggerhappy; D-89: MIB Misfire MIB; C-79: Blurr MIB; C-82: Cha (Kup) MIB; C-304: Getaway MIB (Lightfoot); MIB C-307: Super Ginrai MIB; C-309: Godbomber MISB. MOSC carded: Ramhorn, Steeljaw, Ratbat, Eject (blue cassette) and Rewind (black cassette), C-57: Hubcap, C-58: Wave (Swerve) and C-59: Outback. 1987 exclusive HeadMaster Heads MIB: Rodney, Loafer, Trizor, Lione and Kirk. 30 items in total.

Very mint and unused Throttlebots.

The October 2014 loot - various Trailbreakers

The Diaclone Trailbreaker and US boxed Trailbreaker I had from awhile ago. It is the 25 - Trailbreaker in Japanese box that was monumentally difficult to track down and acquire. It is the final 'Autobot car' from the Japanese numbering #01 to #49 that I needed. Fortunately, a veteran collector and a good guy agreed to sell it to me.

The early December 2014 loot - just some odds and ends, which I bought from Bubbleform.com. Spare loose pieces of Apeface, Pointblank (my favourite Targetmaster) and Blurr; and a Slapdash USA box and also a custom MISB Minerva.

The custom built Minerva is based on a mix of the Blustreak / Prowl and Smokescreen molds - how could I resist?

 A shot showing the early Japanese boxed Destrons.

A shot showing the early Japanese boxed Cybertrons.

Since it's Christmas, I'll end with a Christmas related tid-bit... the below is the cover to Transformers UK #145, a Christmas story focusing on Starscream called 'Stargazing', one of my favourite Transformer Christmas stories from when I was a little boy.

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  1. Hello Heroic Decepticon,

    I'm trying to translate G1 Prowl's quote, G1 Wheeljack's quote and G1 Mirage's quote from Japanese into English which are on the top of the Japanese boxes that show them transforming from their car forms into their robot forms and I was Wondering If you could help me sort this problem out because I'm having trouble with it so it would be a really great help If you could add the Japanese Quote for G1 Wheeljack, G1 Sideswipe and G1 Mirage for me, that'll be a real helpful.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this comment and I hope to hear back from as soon as possible.

    All the best

    Aaron J. Lockwood


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