21 December 2014

1987 Headmasters - Skullcruncher original box art - an Update

I had wanted to take this shot when I did my original birthday post Parts 2 & 3, but I didn't have time to dig out my US boxed Skullcruncher. I managed to dig out my US box Skullcruncher this morning and as I was chatting with a good buddy Seb (G1-Junkie / Hyperoptic), took the below shots.

Top - pre-production box flap of D-85: Skull's box; and original hand-drawn and air brushed box art for Skullcruncher.
Bottom - Takara boxed D-85: Skull MIB; and US boxed Skullcruncher.

I thought about it more and just really like this little collection here more and more. When we were little boys, the only Headmasters my brother and I had were Chromedome (mine) and Skullcruncher (my brother's). When I first got the box art in hand, I immediately texted my brother (who does not collect TFs) and asked if he remembers his "Transformers crocodile"; and he replied "yeah, the green and pink one right? Can't remember the name, but remember I had it".

The little collection of pieces below just warms my heart when I look at it because they will always remind me of my brother and of the fun we had with Transformers when we were little. Pity that he does not collect TFs now, but then his 5 year old son loves TFs! Haha...

The above shot shows the Jap box and US boxed Skullcruncher side by side. This would be a good place to start with Unicron Nemesis' idea of documenting and comparing Japanese vs US boxes.


  1. Nice! I didn't realize that the Japanese boxes were so much smaller. Definitely not any wasted space with those.

    1. since the 80s, the US boxes just had a lot more air and empty space compared with the Jap boxes. I think for Skullcruncher, the Jap box is probably half the volume of the US box.


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