08 May 2013

Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 2 Chase figures - Convoy w/ Megatron and rocket pack, clear Rodimus Convoy w/ Matrix

This. This, I have been really waiting for.

The Takara SCF ACT2 Chase figures - (left) Convoy with Megatron gun and Sideswipe's rocketpack; and (right) Rodimus Convoy with Matrix, transluscent version (aka Hot Rod mid-transformation into Rodimus Prime)

First, about Convoy...

Among all the SCF Chase figures out there, it is the ACT 2 Convoy with Megatron gun and Sideswipe's rocketpack chase figure (hereinafter, referred to as "MTMTE Part 2 Convoy") that has been tugging and tugging at my heartstrings since it was first released back in 2001. During those Clarke Quay days, I never saw the MTMTE Part 2 Convoy chase figure, just never saw it. Knew it existed and wanted it, but just could not find it.

Also, Chase figures would go for around SGD$50 to $150 back then, depending on which Chase figure it was. So even if I found it, I'd likely not be able to afford  it.

Why is this figure so special to me? It comes down to a number of key reasons, really. Here they are:

  • it's an Optimus Prime figure (ha!)
  • it features a very cartoon accurate colour scheme
  • he is holding his arch-nemesis, Megatron, in gun mode in his hand - I will explain more on this point below
  • he has Sideswipe's rocketpack, which is from one of my favourite scenes of More Than Meets the Eye Part 2 - "Sideswipe, give me your rocketpack!". Love that scene. So many childhood memories. I even talked about it in my Proposal to Takara for MP-Sideswipe Accessories post.
  • I was so desperate for this figure after I restarted collecting SCFs that I actually offered another collector a Goodbye Convoy giftset (missing poster) in exchange for this figure. Guess what? He actually rejected my offer!

Another shot of this stunning figure.

Holding Megatron in gun mode

This below is the significance of the Megatron in gun mode he is holding - from the Season 1 episode Countdown to Extinction. It's one of the few occasions in the G1 era where Prime and Megatron actually worked together.

While I was watching this episode as a kid, I thought to myself "yes, they are finally friends! That's great, now they can stop fighting." I was so hopeful, so naive. It was not to be though - Prime and Megatron remained mortal enemies after their brief truce.

Sideswipe's rocketpack

Featuring Sideswipe's rocketpack. Whilst Convoy has been released in many incarnations and many different colour schemes, this is the only release that has the rocketpack, making this ACT 2 Chase figure extra special.

See that rocketpack? Now, give it to me!

The rocketpack part of this figure is inspired by More Than Meets the Eye Part 2. Prime asks Sideswipe for his rocketpack so that Prime can pursue the Nemesis. Why you might ask? Because Autobots can't fly!

Comparison of MTMTE Part 2 Convoy with 'regular' Convoy from ACT 1.

Gratuitous shot of this beautiful figure among other SCF figures.

The other ACT 2 Chase figure is Rodimus Convoy with Matrix (translucent figure). Arguably, this is Hot Rod with the Matrix in Transformers: The Movie (1986), mid metamorphosizing into Rodimus Prime, if that makes sense.

Here he is, transparent looking and all.

As with the MTMTE Part 2 Convoy figure, this figure is steeped in Transformers canon and cartoon inspired. I should take the opportunity to mention here that this figure is one of Maz's (TF-1.com) grails and something he has been on the hunt for. 

In truth, this figure is likely just as rare as the MTMTE Part 2 Convoy, perhaps.

Here is a closer shot of this stunning figure.

This scene from TFTM looks quite close to the photo above, but is not actually the scene where Hot Rod unleashes the power of the Matrix (he does that later in the movie).

ACT2 Rodimus Convoy with Matrix (translucent) next to ACT4 Rodimus Convoy with Matrix (coloured version)

ACT2 Rodimus Convoy with Matrix (translucent) in front; ACT4 Rodimus Convoy with Matrix (coloured version), behind

The scene in Transformers: The Movie (1986) that inspired the Chase figure?

Lastly, I'll finish with a gratuitous photo of the ACT2 Chase figures with their 'regular' counterparts.

Look out for the next exciting SCF chapter!

~ HD


  1. Nice scores indeed! I only have a few SCF figures left in my collection and most of them adorn Fort Max.

    1. Cheers sir! SCF is one of my all-time favourite series out there. They are lovely when they adore FM, yes....

  2. That Optimus figure is sweet! If only we could get an Optimus figure mass retail that had the jet pack...

    Glad to see you posting more frequently, by the way.

    1. Actually, THS-02: G1 Convoy has the rocketpack. This is also the rocketpack that many third party rocketpacks are based on, in terms of design. However, it is not RED!

      I'm really trying to catch up on posting stuff that I been wanting to post for months and months but didnt have time. Really hope I can keep it up!

    2. For some reason I always forget about Hybrid style figures. When I think Transforners, everything else comes to mind except for those guys.

  3. You'd be readily forgiven for not remembering them - after all there were only 2 figures released as part of the line.

    THS-02 was a bautiful piece though. Not in scale with anything else, but very nice. Can use with PM Prime base mode or with FM, but with no other 'bots except him!

  4. Why is that every single time I read what you write, I end up wanting a Convoy figure? I swear... You're worse than Maz. ;) But other than that, and news later on the "homage" piece, congrats on getting these! :) Very cool, and hoping that my finances help me find a way to swap them with Gin figurines... I mean... See them in person. ;)

    Also, I can vouch on the pain when it comes to prices. One site I checked out has both MOSC "Heroes of Cybertron" Sunstorm and "Act 6" Grand Maximus (chase figure) each for $40. (Ouch.) But knowing me, I am going to look at your collection and convince myself to pick up certain characters. :p

    1. Cos Convoy is hot. Red hot actually!

      Well, if you have Gin figures, you know I'd be very interested, heehee.... And I don't think I csn be 'worse' than Maz, he reaches a wider audience than me, hahaha...

      Yup, HOC Sunstorm was something I was hunting for as well, but I refused to pay too much for it. Need to complete my seekers. Oh, and the other thing is the OTFCC Seeker pack....

      SCF figures are awesome. Would make me happy if you did pick up some, heh

    2. I completely agree! But my problem is that I am more of a G1 Ultra Magnus fan. And the only reason I have his "Alternity" version is because I am collecting GT versions of the Japan exclusive Commanders. Otherwise, I'd end up with a room full of Primal/Prime/Convoy that would rival Tony Stark'sHall of Armor. And I mean the Comic-verse version he once had.

      Oh, and with Maz... It is true that he has a bigger audience. But you did write a couple of blogs that have things coming true. Such as Alert and Tigertrack both becoming Masterpiece figures. And there is the case of Fortress Maximus, as well. ;) However, I do think there is something he did write that is also affecting the way I collect. So I will find an excuse to shift the blame onto him as well.

      And speaking of Sunstorm, I'll make it my agenda to get you one next month. Because the next month over is Anime Expo, and I am skipping my only chance to attend Botcon for that. Namely because I am hoping to have a chance to meet Noizi Ito. Maybe Kazuhiko Inoue, just because he did voice Kakashi Hatake. That, and I might snag you a 3rd Division armband (unless you guys can tag along). :)

    3. How are the Alternity toys by the way? I only have Bumblebee and Cliffjumper but have not opened them to play yet. It's hard to understand the thinking behind a Prime collector's mentality - *it's just Prime*, why so many of them?

      Maz definitely reaches a wider audience, and even though many may not interact or comment on his articles directly, it does generate discussions on forums and between collector to collector (you and I are an example!), and I think his writing does have far reaching effects on the fandom as a whole.

      Don't worry about Sunstorm, I actually have the OTFCC version MOSC and have opened it! Haha... About the Third Division armband though... you could be on to something there... and you will see it in my next post....


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