14 January 2012

I so want to write about something...

... but just can't muster up the conviction.

I have a backlog of things to write about and post photos of... but these few days have been spent watching snooker on TV and I just have not been able to muster up the conviction.

Soon, I will be writing about TF-04 and TF-10 in more detail and with many photos... soon...


  1. When ever I'm out of ideas, I just safe it with a "top 10" list or something. Top 10 yellow transformers? Top 5 Leaders (Other than Megatron/Optimus)? Top 10 robots smaller than an egg? <--- I'll totally do that next week.

  2. hi Jon, thanks for the ideas. For today, I have opted to cobble together shots of this month's acquisitions... heh.


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