26 January 2012

eHobby new year special 48- astrotrain (anime colours) MISB

Picked up a MISB eHobby anime colluded Astrotrain from the guys over at RoboRobo today.

Very awesome piece which I like a lot.

Also managed to pass the GBC giftset to my buddy at night.

A good day for TFs, it was.


  1. Congratulations! Astrotrain seems like the coolest Triple Changer to me.

  2. Hey HD,

    Wow, you were able to find an anime astrotrain pretty quickly.. I guess that one is a bit pricey, but definitely not rare enough to be difficult to find. Congrats!

  3. Thanks Aaron, it's not the coolest triple changer to me, but the anime colours certainly make it one of the coolest!

    @vf1- yup, was able to find it at Robo Robo, but it's not out on display, gotta ask the owner for it. It is pricey for the size of the toy, but reasonable for what it is- the piece I got is MISB, with no flap crease and a very crisp box. Since this has been released for some years now, many are no longer misb and usually already have their stickers applied. Am happy with this piece. =)


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