09 January 2012

HK Market Watch - More VSY and Good Bye Convoy

Well, these are from 5 Jan 2012.

I was too busy to post them up till today, apologies.

An update of sorts from the usual shop. In the 3-4 days since I have been there, lots of things have sold. Notably, C-111, C-371 and a lot of the smaller pieces are already gone, in double quick time.

Updates on display.

It seems the C-114, C-328 and D-307 action never ceases at these shops. They must have sold at least 10+ sets of these, each.

The other side of the display cabinet.

D-318 giftset.

That day (5 Jan), they were releasing another small batch of TFs for sale and that was my reason for being there. I will update later on what I have bought.

Check out these puppies!

Yet another VSY giftset (Grimlock and Soundwave)

... and look at the sheer mintiness of this Goodbye Convoy giftset... wow! C9+, near C10, toys 100% unused, paperworks in original packaging, accessories unused and on sprue, "Cybertron Heroes" poster included. eek!


~ HD


  1. now i'm speculating on whether you got the Goodbye Convoy set :P

  2. I'd say you could be half right... heh.

  3. could have guessed :)
    man looking at these pics really make me look forward to going to HK, can't wait though its so long away :\

  4. Jeez, I need to move there for like a month so I can buy everything I need and then move back.

  5. @ Eric - will post what I got soon. Another batch coming in either today or tomorrow, might as well update all at once!

    @ Arkvander - yes, you are very welcomed here!

  6. will look forward to that :) why don't they have my holy grail for sale yet :( heh

  7. @HD: What's the average price of the C-114's?

  8. @ gdmetro - average price ranges from HKD$10,800 to HKD$26,800, depending on condition and whether its used/ unused. =)


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