22 September 2011

I have been slack - some consolidated acquisitions...

Been so busy lately, I just have almost no time for much else... some updates (but quickly)
Got this loot in from my buddy valkyrie_76 from the OZ Formers Boards...

  1. Doubledealer MIB, complete
  2. Ultra Magnus MIB, complete (plastic wheels version)
  3. Hot Rod MIB, complete, stickers unapplied

Hot Rod is simply beautiful in his vintage-ness...


From the HK toy shops... after shopping with my buddy Ultra Magnus...
  1. SCF Minelba figure
  2. Walmart exclusive Hardhead and BBTS exclusive Headrobots upgrade
  3. FansProject Stormbomb (Thundershred was from sometime ago, just posing him in)


Some snapshots of my recently rearranged vintage shelves... featuring Diaclone Fairlady "blue" Bluestreak, dino-cassettes Gurafi, Noizu, Dairu and Zauru, Soundblaster and Browning...


  1. Vitage shelve..... mmm.. lolz
    awesome shots, H_D!

  2. Slacking HD! :D
    I've always wondered how things would be if Browning was the one chosen to lead the Decepticons.

    Oh yeah, I also got inspired by one of your earlier posts where you showed the color palettes of the Transformers. Of course, I had to compare it with food.
    May be a fun read for TF fans: http://toysandbacon.blogspot.com/2011/09/color-of-evil.html


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