04 September 2011

HK Market Watch updates

Been awhile.

A couple of things to update on.

28 Aug 2011

Once again, lots of 'new' G1 figures in at 懷古角. I only went down on Sunday, about 5 days after the stock came in, so probably some other figures have been bought by people already.

What's new?

  • yet another C-114: Fortress Maximus, this one C9+ and unused - going for HKD$22,500. Very steep price, I think.
  • yet another D-307: Overlord, very minty box, close to MISB, unused contents.
  • D-318: King Poseidon giftset, box C8, contents unused
  • interestingly, a Goodbye Megatron giftset, robot points and goodbye coupon cut, but otherwise very minty.
  • Japanese individual boxed Predacons
  • various eHobby reissues.

BAPE Convoys are starting to pop up on the secondary market. At least 2 stores have them.

Asking price is something silly like HKD$2700 for one store and HKD$3000 in another store.


3 September 2011

BAPE Convoy prices are dropping. Now its going for HKD$2250 in one store and as low as HKD$2150.

Interestingly, some one is selling a Big Powered set, complete except the 3 micromasters.

Back to my favourite store again. Not too much has changed, but the C-114 is sold (still there, but sold), Goodbye Megatron is sold and D-318: King Poseidon is also sold.

Man, these eHobby stuff looks minty. I caved today and bought Ghost Starscream for E (she likes transparent stuff).

New addition, C-55: Superion giftset, MISB


  1. Dude, ehobby Ghost SS is cool. Also drooling over the Unused MISB Overlord and those two limited special G1 hot rods.

  2. Hi, I've been following your blog from time to time and in awe of your museum of a collection. I work in Dongguan China and go down to HK from time to time and visit the same vintage store at In's as you do.

    Just a question, if you're interested in any of the items behind the glass who do you talk to? I never know who the owner of that store is. I was eyeing that C-114 Fortress Maximus ... but too late :P


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