19 February 2010

Site update

I have recently updated "Mini Gallery Two" with many hundreds of pictures and sorted them by year. Includes the very pristine pieces I obtained from the 1987 and 1988 years.

The quality of the photos are still a little inconsistent, but its something I intend to fix when I get my collection all in the one same country.

Drop by Mini Gallery Two and enjoy!

~ HD


  1. Hey HD, I just set up a collection blog; do check it out. Nothing much TF-wise since it's currently a dry spell for me, so yeah... Cheers!

  2. hey Deadpool, I visited your site. Looks cool. Were you just using standard stuff available from blogspot or did you customise/write your own code for it/etc?

  3. I actually got the base blogskin from blogskin.com, and tweaked it a bit. But since I totally suck at HTML, most of the site's template is actually an image... Which is why the proportions and alignments are a bit odd, I guess.


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