11 February 2008

SG toy hunt - The Best Of Tally

I sat down thinking to write the second part of 'The Road to Victory'. Paused for a little. Then thought that I should do an SG toy hunt 'best of' tally in the spirit of the HK one first.

So here it is, the Singapore toy hunt 'best of' tally...

Most satisfying moment: When the shop-keeper reneged on his initial decision not to sell me his vintage Transformers: Victory poster. I bought it at a relatively high price, but it is more than worth it.

Vintage Transformers: Victory poster from 1990

Hardest decision made: To buy or not to buy a C9.5 MIB unused Black Zarak. After speaking to friends about this figure's fragility, I decided to pass. Still, at a tag of SGD$2200, its not that hard to resist.

Unexpected find: Marvel Legends 'built-a-figure' Apocalypse, sold in built form. Bought it rightaway since I don't have to buy the 6 or so lousy figures so I could build my own Apocalypse.

Superman vs Apocalypse
These massive figures towers over a height of more than 16 inches each.

Favourite buy: C-327 Victory Leo MIB.

C-327 Victory Leo with instructions and used decal sheet

Worst buy: NA

Best bargain: Incomplete Nightbeat for SGD$3.00

If I could only buy one thing, it would be: the vintage Transformers: Victory poster.

Highlight of the trip: This is a tie between (1) C-327 Victory Leo MIB; and (2) the vintage Transformers: Victory poster.

Hypothetically, if I were to make myself pick the overall highlight acquisition of the my Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore trips, I'd quite unequivocally tell myself it must be the vintage Transformers: Victory poster which contains the beautiful box art of 6 Japanese exclusive Transformers.

I do so love vintage Transformer box art!


  1. Hey, how much did that Victory poster cost? I used to have one from my uncle who was a toy sales manager at that time..... Too bad I threw it away!

  2. I named a SGD$50.00 price since I didn't want him to go 'I won't sell it if you offer some cheap amount'. It is however worth every penny since I can extract the unobstructed never-before-available box art of 6 Transformers from it. (yes, I'm a Transformers nerd... heh)


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