08 February 2008

SG toy hunt '08 - The Final Tally

In a few hours, I'm leaving Singapore for Sydney.

While I have not been at all lax, I have also not updated much while in Singapore.

I tell myself, hoping for forgiveness, that there are 3 reasons for this: (1) I was relocating to another place (yah! New home for my Transformers); (2) there was no internet connection at the new place; and (3) there were 'irrepairable' HDD errors on my MacBook (where's your reliability Apple?!?). This all effectively meant - no computer, no internet, no updates.

Be that as it may, no updates doesn't mean no acquisitions.

This is my list of acquisitions (in the order there were acquired):

- Justitoys MP-05 Upgrade set
- KISS Player Autorooper
- Nightbeat (incomplete)
- Bleach the Card Gum (series 03)
- Bleach the Card Gum (series 04)
- Victory Leo (incomplete)
- Star Saber (incomplete)
- SCF Sixshot
- SCF Star Convoy
- MyClone Jazz
- MyClone Sideswipe
- Victory Leo MIB
- Vintage 1989 Victory promotional poster
- Marvel Legends built-a-figure: Apocalypse

I didn't manage day-by-day shots of all acquisitions, much as I'd have wanted to. Ah well, can't win them all...

These are some pictures of the MIB Victory Leo that I managed to snap.

More updates to come...

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