09 April 2014

Devastated - 03 x Devastator giftsets

I previously wrote that I obtained the Takara 37-Devstar giftset here.

Below is a quickie shot of all my Devastator giftsets, while I was re-arranging my shelves.

Left - vintage USA box Devastator giftset
Right (top) - vintage Japanese box 37-Devstar giftset
Right (bottom) - reissue Japanese box Encore 20-Devstar giftset


  1. those almost look case fresh, very nice

    1. thanks man. they are not really casefresh, but i hope they are... heh

  2. Hi there! Can i check with you what is stamped (year & company) on Takara's version of Devastator? I got myself a set of vintage G1 Devastator, it wasn't stamped as Takara Hasbro (US G1). My KO devastator was just stamped as Hasbro. Just wanna be sure I got a legit set. Thanks for the help!


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