30 March 2014

Takara Fight! Super Robot Life 45-Smokescreen MIB and MP-19: Smokescreen

This is odd.

I prepared the draft for this post ages ago,photos and all.  I just clean omitted to click 'publish'! Shoot me for being an idiot.

This was done at a time where my acquisition of the Japanese boxed 45 - Smokescreen coincided with the release of Takara's MP-19: Smokescreen, the last of the Z-cars at the time.

So now, I fix my error. I thought I was going to do another 'Robots and Coffee' thing, Gassy Autobot style this Sunday morning, but hey, why not revisit Smokescreen, my old friend, who I missed out posting about at the time of release of the MP?

Also, this is a character that means a lot to my buddy Maz, so this is dedicated to him too, on this fine Sunday morning. Maz also blogs now, over at Square One - check it out, Smokescreen can wait.

So, in a way, this post features both the 45-Smokescreen and MP-19: Smokescreen. Oh, and I also threw in my USA boxed Smokescreen for good measure.

Top - Takara 45-Smokescreen MIB, which I bought from an eBay seller, very nice guy.
Bottom - my vintage USA boxed Smokescreen with toy displayed outside.

Close up.

Close up of 45-Smokescreen. As with all vintage Takara boxed TFs, the box is stunning and the details meticulous. Acquiring this Smokescreen is another baby-step toward my 'recent' collecting goal of getting all Takara's earliest Transformers releases numbered "01" to "49", in other words the USA series 1 and series 2 characters. It's a numbers game, heh.

Very nice back of box with only a slight hint of a flap crease.

Top of box - featuring the traditional "start", "change", "change", "finish" sequence.

Side of box. Looking at these photos again, I'd say, this Smokescreen is a pretty strong C8, near C9.

The money shot?

Complete paperworks, but used stickers sheet. I'm quite a lot less fussed about sticker sheets being unused at this present moment. I'd rather complete my "01" to "49" then be caught up with semantics about used and unused. At the end of the day, it matters little because I have multiple pieces for each toy in the "01" to "49" numbers, just not the Japanese packaging.


A summary shot of everything 45-Smokescreen came with.

Is it too much to say that this 45-Smokescreen is smokin' hot?


  1. I'm 98% sure my G1 Smokescreen was acquired while on vacation at Disneyland in California back in the day. As a matter of fact, that trip out west landed me several G1 TFs. I grabbed Bonecrusher and Seaspray at Universal Studios Hollywood!

    Smokescreen has always been a favorite of mine as well, a close second behind Sunstreaker. One of these days I'll get my act together and open my MP Smokey!

    1. hi Colbey, great that you remember where and how you acquired your G1. For me, as the years go by, the memory is fading and I cannot remember exactly how I got which G1 in the past. One thing is for sure though, I never had Smokescreen.

      Do open MP-Smokes and let us know what you think!

    2. Or actually don't open it and let the feeling that it *could* be wonderful perpetuate.

      Face. Mirrors. Roof. Hubs.

      I want to love it so much.

      All the best

    3. I would love it more if it was fatty-Smokescreen like in the cartoon, but we can't win it all.

      Actually, I'm quite happy with all the MP-cars we got so far. Happy even if they don't do anymore haha...

  2. Ahhh beautiful!!!!!

    Smokescreen is the only childhood toy I lost and it was my first car, damn shame, would love to have seen how I would preserve a vintage Fairlady from then to now.

    Gorgeous pictures man, thanks so much for the dedication!

    Is it just 25 Trailbreaker left now for the cars?

    All the best

    1. Cheers man. Nah, still missing a couple of cars from the 01 to 49 range - 03-Wheeljack, 07-Ligier and 25-Trailbreaker. Minibots also needed.

      I don't have any Autobot car left from my childhood, all gone. Sign.

    2. Ligier haha almost forgot that one...bet you haven't heehee :D

    3. I'm just trying to be invisible here and bidding my time....

  3. I didn't get Smokescreen until the Takara reissues (well, I had one that was missing the roof, rear windows, gun, launchers, and tires), but I do love the guy. And I can't believe that I disagree with Maz on MP Smokey. He's great.


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