12 November 2010

The Five Faces of Darkness

E wanted to walk around and browse toy shops with me tonight. We went to Yau Ma Tei and then to Mong Kok. In one of the shops, I saw a guy selling QUINT-01, the Judge Quintesson which I missed out on getting some years ago. I inquired as to price and he said that he was actually selling all 4 Quintessons released by Impossible Toys as a set!

The asking price is reasonable, but not cheap. So E and I went away and had to think about it. I'm quite interested in this set because I'm so near into completing the Henkei-verse and these will fit right in with that more so than with the G1 figures. Also, the boxes for these guys are very G1-ish and nice.

Bought the set of 4 in the end:
  • QUINT-01: Judge (as seen in TFTM and Five Faces of Darkness and other G1 episodes)
  • QUINT-02: Scientist (as seen in Dwellers of the Deep)
  • QUINT-03: Prosecutor (as seen in TFTM)
  • QUINT-04: Executioner (as seen in TFTM and is the model for the Quintesson generals in Marvel UK's "Space Pirates").

On opening them up, I discovered that the quality of the figures are not so great compared with other fan customs (eg: FansProject), but it still is a nice set in any battleground of the Henkei-verse!


  1. I got Quints 1 through 3, and I was actually impressed with the quality. But maybe I'm not very picky. ;)

  2. I think 01 to 03 are ok. 04 is the one that I think could really have been done better. I mean, from the box art I was expecting something like General Genrik from Space Pirates but got something more like the fat alligator like guys that captured Hot Rod and Kup in TFTM...


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