18 June 2015

Lots of Autobot Cars MIB - USA Series 1 + 2 and Takara Japanese Fight! Super Robot Lifeform

Another series of shots that are inspired by the great HeraldofUnicron...

As far as possible, I have tried to photograph a character in its USA Hasbro box, its Japanese Takara box and also a loose toy in robot mode (since the in package toys are usually in vehicle mode). For some characters, where I have them, I would also try and include a loose toy in its alternate mode in the shot.

There is something about this shot, I just cannot put my finger on what it is...

In terms of inserts, I have tried to use either eHobby version or Encore version inserts because these are much more stable than the original bubble inserts. They have an overall different look, but are very stable. For characters with no eHobby / Encore reissue, I bought repro bubbles from BubbleFormer.com.


Takara 02 - Hound MIB
Hasbro Hound MIB (insert is a repro)

Takara 03 - Wheeljack MIB (unused)
Hasbro Wheeljack MIB (original inserts)

Takara 04 - Swipe MIB (unused)
Hasbro Sideswipe MIB (insert from eHobby reissue)

Takara 05 - Alert (unused)
Hasbro Red Alert MIB (original inserts)

Takara 06 - Jazz MIB (unused)
Hasbro Jazz MIB (insert from Encore reissue)

Takara 07 - Ligier MIB (unused)
Hasbro Mirage MIB (repro inserts)

Takara 08 - Streak (blue) MIB (unused)
Takara 08 - Streak MIB (unused)
Hasbro Bluestreak MIB (unused)

Takara 09 - Prowl MIB
Hasbro Prowl MIB (repro inserts)

Takara 10 - Inferno MIB
Hasbro Inferno MIB (eHobby inserts)

Takara 25 - Trailbreaker MIB (unused)
Hasbro Trailbreaker MIB (inserts from Encore)

Takara 26 - Grimlock MIB (unused, Made in Japan version)
Hasbro Grimlock MIB (unused)

Takara 27 - Sludge MIB
Hasbro Sludge MIB (unused)

Takara 28 - Slag MIB
Hasbro Slag MIB (unused)

Takara 29 - Snarl MIB
Hasbro Snarl MIB (unused)

Takara 30 - Swarp MIB
Hasbro Swoop MIB

Takara 44 - Tracks MIB (unused)
Hasbro Tracks MIB (inserts are from eHobby reissue)

Takara 45 - Smokscreen MIB
Hasbro Smokscreen MIB (repro inserts)

Takara 46 - Hoist (unused, Wrecker variant)
Hasbro Hoist MIB (Encore inserts)

Takara 47 - Grapple MIB
Hasbro Grapple MIB (eHobby inserts)

Takara mailaway Ratchet MIB (unused)
Hasbro Ratchet MIB (Encore inserts)

Takara VSZ Giftset
Hasbro Sunstreaker MIB (original inserts)
Hasbro Skids MIB (Encore inserts)


  1. Love this! Plus I am with you on the influence of Herald of unicorn too. It's so much better having one boxed and one in each mode. Once again your collection Is a joy for everyone to see.

  2. Do you think that the G1 Detritus repro bubble is the same size as G1 Hound because I'm thinking in the back of my mind that If I did buy 2 G1 Detritus reissues and use the bubble inserts for my 2 G1 Hound sets it wouldn't make any difference, right?

  3. I wasn't If anyone can read Japanese or Not but I'm having trouble translating these 3 texts from Japanese to English for G1 Wheeljack, G1 Inferno and G1 Kickback. 天才的開発のスーパーロボット! (G1 Wheeljack), 8,000℃の高温に耐えるアーマー裁備!(G1 Inferno) and 強力なジャンプ力を空中攻撃 だ!(G1 Kickback) I was wondering If I did these Japanese Texts right or not. I need help with these because it would be a real mean alot.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this comment and I hope to hear from you soon.


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