11 June 2014

Re-arranged shelves - focusing on early G1

I have been off and on for awhile. The key reason is that like a few close friends of mine, I have also been re-focusing on my collecting goals and aims, although I have been less vocal about it here on the blog.

Before I continue, I would like to say I am so glad my buddy from Mostly Transformers Redux is back at blogging and to say a big 'welcome back!'.

To cut a long story short, I have decided to re-align my collecting goals to what they originally were - early G1 and the pieces that really had an impact on my childhood rather than "completion for completion's sake".

Whilst for a time, I had a very near complete G1 Japanese collection (missing 1 white Headmaster and that 1 Micromaster patrol which was a repaint), with 90% of these in box and unused, I decided that it was time to let go of the bulk of my later year Transformers.

The result was lots of private sales over the past months, and also selling on TFW2005 on the thread here - Japanese G1, American G1 and pre-TFs for sale

Now that I have sold a good many figures (especially the boxed large ones), I can focus on really displaying and spacing out my early G1 figures.

G1 cars MIB. I cheated with the inserts a little - for Skids, Trailbreaker and Hoist, I used their Encore release inserts, heh!

Japanese boxed Constructicons and Dinobots

This is what my main shelves look like now. As compared with before, there is more space for loose figures to be displayed, which is my aim.

Early G1 Japanese boxed Auobot cars. Of the cars, I have 07-Ligier coming in, meaning the last one I am looking for is 25-Trailbreaker. Any help would be appreciated!

Combiners and the 1986 and 1987 Transformers - the focus here was really the HMs and the TMs.

Decepticon shelf. Lots of Snapdragons I know. Actually, I have 4 of them in total, haha.

The lower Decepticon shelf, where the focus is on Decepticon leaders and combiners.


  1. Looks much nicer! The removal of the clutter really lets you focus on your other items more. Does it feel any different now?

    1. I gotta say it feels very good. The focus is refreshing after so many years of collecting.... =)

  2. Very nice HD! I admit that I like the new display look of your shelves more so now than before. Aside from the reorganization of your shelves, I think it's also good to do that with your collection every so often as well.

    It seems a lot of people I know of/ or read from have been doing this recently. Personally, I've just sold two different lots on Kijiji of figures that while I did like, weren't right for the direction I was taking my collection in....plus it helped to free up some space as well.

    Nice to seea new post from you as well.


    1. hi Joe, thanks for the kind words and also for stopping by, much appreciated!

      I think more and more you might see that collectors are downsizing - especially for those of us that have collected for a decade or even longer. I started seriously collecting again in 1999, and its now almost 14 years from then. Over the years, there's been lots of clutter and its good to clean them out. For me, space is quite at a premium where I am, so freeing up space is also really a priority for me.

  3. Your shelves certainly look less cluttered. Are you still going to keep multiples, like with Snapdragon? I can certainly see the appeal of keeping the variants of Cyclonus and and Scourge, however.

    1. hiya dude! I actually still have multiples of all the early year bots - at least 2 of each and sometimes 3 of each for display in vehicle and robot mode. What I really tried to clear out were boxed pieces from the later years.

      There are some characters that I will still keep multiples of them (eg: for Snapdragon and Scourge for example, heh)

  4. I leave so I can try to get my business plans in order (which is not working as planned), and you do this. Next thing I know, IDW turned Megatron into an Autobot... Hasbro will put out three female Transformers... G1 Scorponok was reissued as a Botcon exclusive... TOMY is going to go back to their G1 roots with a "Legends" line... And "Masterpiece" Ultra Magnus is going to look great. :O

    Oh wait... Those things happened, but your display is far more impressive. :D I mean, until they do "Legend" versions of the G1 Dinobots. ^^


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