18 February 2013

OKC Part 2 - in which we look closely at the shelf on the right

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In this post and the following few posts, I will take a closer look at the 'collection' related parts of our new place, namely the display shelfs.

As with all the furniture and shelving fixtures in our place, these display shelves are completely custom made to our specifications. The take up a 'Ushape' in a room that we tore down and made open plan. Each shelf is 60cm deep - ie: enough to display Fortress Maximus in city mode, see below!

It has been my long time wish that I can display Fort Max in city mode, with lots of mini-Transformers and SCFs among him - with these display shelves, I can do just that!

The shelves also has adjustable tempered glass dividers within. Each tempered glass divider can be adjusted upwards or downwards 'Ikea' style. Tempered glass dividers also come in 3 different sizes - Size 1 goes the entire depth of shelf (ie 60cm deep); Size 2 goes 2/3 the depth of the shelf approx 40cm deep; and Size 3 is 1/3 the depth of the shelf approx 20cm deep. These make a lot of possible display options, especially when there are taller and shorter robots.

For example, I can place taller robots in front and have something behind them - like Teletraan-1 behind Fort Max (see below); or tall robots behind with shorter robots in front. 

The shelf lighting was also specifically done by our contractor. My brief to him was to achieve even lighting, at each level of the shelf - this ruled out having the top down style lighting that many display units had (where the light hardly reaches the lower shelves). The desired effect was achieved using LED strip lighting that went around the perimeter of each shelf.

The camera made the lighting look less even than it actually is in real life, but the overall effect can be seen. The lighting also turns out more yellow than it should be in photos (I don't know why). In actuality, it is completely daylight-white and gives off little to no heat even if switched on for 4-5 hours (I have tried that). As such, each shelf has good even lighting and there is no damage to the toys through heat.


Now, I will focus on the right 'little shelf', which shows the even lighting (remember, in real life this would look daylight-white and not yellowish).

The right shelf is our "feature shelf", where certain pieces are given key locations and featured rather than lumped together with other robots. Here, I also display some of my non-Transformer things.

This is an overall shot.

The top part features DC's Justice League, the 'new 52' version, which are by far the best sculpts for Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and Aquaman for figures of this particular size. I didn't like the New 52 sculpt of Wonder Woman, so I used the one from the "Who is Wonder Woman" story arc and designed by Terry Dodson (see here and this shows the other 3 figures in the line, which I also have). To me, this is by far the best Wonder Woman sculpt that I have seen.

The below shot also shows the 8 lantern rings from the Blackest Night saga promotion back in 2009 / 2010.

My favourite villains are below the Justice League heroes - these include the mighty Galactus, Thanos the Titan, Darkseid, Juggernaut, Sinestro and Circe.

Close up shot of Circe, another beautiful sculpt from the same Wonder Woman figure series I mentioned above.

Next is E's Soundwave shelf. This contain all the key Soundwave figures, including 17 - Soundwave MIB; D-101: Soundblaster MIB; a loose G1 pre-rub Soundwave; MP-Soundwave;  Transformers United Soundwave; Music Label Soundwave; SCF Soundwave; Robot Heroes Soundwave; Transformers History Collection Soundwave; and all Soundwave's cassettes.

Then comes my 2 favourite Headmasters Apeface and Snapdragon. Here there is a loose figure displayed in front of each MIB Japanese boxed version. I have another Snapdragon in plane mode (and another one in dragon mode, not shown). Their USA boxes are also not shown in the pic.

My Bluestreak shelf is next.
As many know, this is one of my favourite Transformers and I just adore the box art. In this shelf there is - MIB Diaclone Fairlady Z, black hood version (aka 'black hood' Bluestreak or anime accurate Bluestreak); MIB Diaclone Fairlady Z, blue version (aka 'blue' Bluestreak); MIB eHobby reissue chrome Bluestreak (a reissue of a Diaclone champaign car); MIB Transformers G1 Bluestreak (rub-sign version); MISB Transformers G1 Bluestreak (pre-rub version); loose eHobby reissue 'black hood' Bluestreak; and loose G1 pre-rub Bluestreak.

In this next shelf, there are E's Reflectors (she loves photography). There is the MIB Diaclone MC-05 Reflector, Japanese box 21 - Reflector and a loose Reflector set that I bought from VF-01.

On the bottom shelf is some of my Bleach figures. I really like this anime and my favourite character is the Captain of the Third Squad, Ichimaru Gin.


  1. Fantastic. Soundwave is not my favorite character but your display of him is really quite eye catching.

    Galactus should probably be made Fortress Maximus size to be more "in scale".

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I do like the Soundwave display too... it's like having multiple universe(s) versions of him.

      I think to be in scale, Galactus might need to be even bigger than Fort Max perhaps? Anyway, the toy is a good size and at that height, it is already bordering on 'too big for my liking' scale wise, hahaha

  2. Now thats how to do it! Great display - really like the specific soundwave, reflector and bluestreak shelves the perfect size!

    1. Thanks mate! Once the display is more or less 'settled', I plan to be rotating what turns up at the 'specific' shelves to keep the display fresh and also so that I can play with different toys.

      ~ HD

  3. i want to steal your Apeface and Snapdragon :(

  4. i want to steal your Apeface and Snapdragon :(

  5. Oh My Godddd . Your Place Looks Awesome... And Here i thought you just disappeared cos you already got every known Transformers known to man. Congratulations and well done....

    1. thanks dude for kind words. I really like this new place. I do wish that I have gotten 'every Transformer known to man', but I think I'll settle for 'every GEN ONW Transformer known to man', hahaha

  6. I seriously need to keep up with your blogs (and other things). :) But at the same time, I now know who to contact when I finally can display everything I have. (In this case, some of the stuff needs to be framed, with the rest needing be both categorized and sub-categorized.)

    Oh, and I need to catch up on BLEACH. :p

    1. yes, you contact me! hahaha...
      Yeah, i have a lot of artwork and posters that need framing, but really, not even got that lined up my list of priorities for new place. It will happen at some point, perhaps in the next 3-4 months.

      Bleach, I consider the series done when Aizen ascended to Huco Mundo (episode 65 or something), after that, it's all downhill if you ask me.

  7. Whoa! :O

    HD, yourself & E have truly out done yourselves with the galls shelving; you can see that the both of you have put SO much thought into each 'cabinet' and it really shows, as they have all achieved such a professional & high-end look that is cemented by the immaculate lighting! :O

    I am blown away by the depth of the shelves too, the fact that you can display FortMax in city/base mode with no overhang or 'cramped-ness' is simply mind blowing! :O

    E's Soundwave shelf is jaw-droppingly stunning!, I really-really like the layout with all the contrasting iterations of the most 'Superior' TF character and those MIB Japanese G1 examples have a slight hypnotising effect. :D

    Your Bluestreak shelf is also something to be beheld, considering it has almost/if not all the various iterations of the original G1 mold on it; it would easily be a major source of envy to any fan of the character or G1 collector, very much something to be proud of. ;)

    I can't wait for more eventual posts that focus on other shelves dude, but I have a question for you; have you been able to get any closer to unifying your collection that spans several nations yet? :D

    1. Thanks for the kind words Hursti. Those shelves has become something of a mini highlight when ppl visit our place. It's also a great platform to introduce ppl to Transformers - the *real* Transformers!

      FM in city mode is a planned thing. They were supposed to be only 45cm deep, but then I really wanted to have FM there, with SCF figures populating it.

      Soundwave, certainly the most 'superior'. Did you get the MP version? A true 'masterpiece' if you ask me. And it can hold 3 G1 sized cassettes! how cool is that.

      Bluestreak I really like. Can't wait to add the MP version of the guy to the shelf, it'd be stunning.

      I'm planning to do another post of another shelf tonight, so keep your eyes peeled (that is if I can get away from playing with the MP Ravage and Rumble that I'm going to collect in 3 hours' time).

  8. Slightly off topic, but what series is that Thanos figure from? My Marvel Legends Drax needs something to kill...

    1. Drax kill Thanos? Sacrilegious!!!

      Mine is the Diamond Select Thanos that came with the Death figure. Used to be pretty expensive, but has been reissues 2-3 times now, so not hard to find.

      In package, it looks like this http://www.comiccollectorlive.com/LiveData/Issue.aspx?id=9c04216c-c888-4a31-98d1-f575997a99a2


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