18 April 2007

[toy hunt '07] Day 09: Mongkok & Yau Ma Tei

  • C-305: Ranger MIB (missing gun)
  • C-69: Ultra Magnus MISB (reissue) for AR.
  • Autobot & Decepticon symbol keychain
  • Bleach 3rd Squad Captain keychain
Ranger is in pretty decent condition but I seriously am not sure whereabouts am I going to find him his missing gun. Jap exclusive toys are rare, parts for Jap exclusive toys are ever rarer... sign.


  1. I didn't know that HK has that many TFs on sale.

    Last time i went, all the dept stores only had stuff like Lego, Barbie etc. T-T

  2. Dude,

    drop me a mail before you next go. I'll furnish you with the addresses.


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