16 October 2010

Hello Honkers! - some acquisitions

I have been in Hong Kong for almost a week now. Just got internet connection yesterday, thanks to E! Have not be slack in my acquisitions, both during my stopover in Singapore, and now that I'm in Hong Kong.

These are some acquisitions from Singapore.

Collected the long-awaited Justitoys WST Shockwave and Blaster from Falcon's Hangar. (Also collected my 1:6 Scale Hot Toys Batmobile and The Dark Knight version 2, but no pictures of these).

Collected this from my brother who has been holding it on escrow for me for some months - D308: Browning MIB, complete unused, complete paperworks and stickers unapplied.

Bought these from China Square Central on 10 October 2010. MOSC Henkei Bumblebee (SGD$25), Hound (SGD$35) and Ramjet (SGD$50).


These are the recent Hong Kong acquisitions.

11 October 2010
Masters of the Universe Classics - She-Ra MOSC (HKD$280) and Henkei Starscream MOSC (HKD$240). I missed out on buying She-Ra during the last Parramatta Collectibles Fair that I was at and was giving myself a little of a hard time over it. Glad that I found it in HK and at a lower price than the AUD$60 that the seller at Parra Fair wanted his She-Ra for.

12 October 2010
Generations Drift and Red Alert MOSC for HKD$108 each. Really don't like the Drift character but have heard rave reviews of his toy. Bought it to check veracity, heh.

Takara DX Brave series Dag Base, C9.5, complete, complete paperworks, stickers unapplied. I bought this because it is a very well done retool of C-371: Grandus and also because the price was so so good. I have since learnt from Sky Shadow of OZ Formers that Dag Base is actually an official Transformer now - called Dug Base in Transformers: Animated.

Autobot and Decepticon insignia keychains for E and my new Honkers keys!

13 October 2010
Bought this very cool t-shirt with 'q' type Batman, Spider-Man, Masked Rider, Optimus Prime and Superman in front.

15 October 2010
This is a big day. It started out with E getting us our internet connection. Once I went online, I managed to get in contact with long time buddy jgon from OZ Formers who has just touched down in HK from Beijing! He quickly suggested to go do some "smash and grab" and I said "why not? let's do it!". So off we were to the key toy shops that stocked G1 and oh, was it a big day.

This is a summary of aquisitions.

Victory series Hero (Classic Pretenders) giftset, MIB, unused toys, unused paperworks, no flap crease; and D-304: Hydra, D-305: Buster and D-306: Darkwings giftset (complete paperworks, no flap crease)! Got all these at a significant amount below eBay market prices too. Woot!
Victory series Hero (Classic Pretenders) giftset, MIB, unused toys, unused paperworks, no flap crease.

 D-306: Darkwings giftset MIB, minty toys, complete paperworks, no flap crease.


  1. impressive adquisition!!! I only have the diaclone version of Browning and he is a excellent character. Can i recomend you the Magnun version too?
    Do you colect the machie robo series?

  2. Yep, impressive acquisitions indeed.

    I may be going to Hong Kong in November. Would you mind listing some of the shops/areas to visit for G1?

  3. @ Andres: I had the opportunity to touch and transform the Magnum robo. Definitely a nice piece. However, I am a Transformers fanatic and would not even buy the pre-TF Browning for cheaper than the TF version. I just have to get the TF version. It limits my collection scope to be sure, but I will consider the Magnum robo sometime in future!

    @ Anonymous: drop me an email and we can work something out re toy shop locations. =p


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