04 October 2010

Labour Day, D day -4, and some acquisitions

It's Labour Day today, a public holiday here. Always good to have another free day, quite a bit more delightful that its on the week I'm due to depart to Hong Kong, thus making the week shorter.

It has been a busy day. I started off with meeting Sharky and his lovely girlfriend from OZ Formers to collect some Masters of the Universe NECA statues. I got from him the entire Series 1 and Series 5 and the exclusive Evil-Lyn figure (7 in total). If I had my way, I would really love to have the entire MOTU NECA series, but these things are so large, its really hard to find space for them. Oh well...

After that, walked over to Town Hall station to meet my buddy fatbot (also from OZ Formers). We had a good chat about the DCU comics event, Blackest Night, and erm... speculated that Dove (either the lady one or Don Hall) would become the White Lantern). We could be wrong or it could already be revealed. Anyway, we both have not read Brightest Day yet so we don't know. I collected the Ultra Magnus and Jazz Hard Hero busts and Generations Darkmount (bah, its Straxus you weaklings) from him. He kindly helped me purchase Straxus since there were none to be had in the city stores.

Top row: Darkmount, NECA Series 1: Snout Sprout, Clawful, Hordak
Second row: Evil Lyn (exclusive), NECA Series 5: Rio Blast, Evil Lyn, Squeeeeze
Third row: Hard Hero Ultra Magnus, Shockwave and Jazz

In the evening, ie just moments ago, I sold my bed. So now, officially, I'm doing army style bunking on the floor for the next few days. Woot!

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