18 October 2010

Sunday and Monday acquisitions

Was out with jgon and his wife for lunch yesterday and we took the chance to go for some toy hunting in tandem. There wasn't much of interest in the Causeway Bay area. I spotted a pretty expensive Hard Hero Unicron statue, which was tempting except for the price.

I did manage to get Henkei C-19: Spy Team for HKD$100 though.

Walked around a little after work today and picked up Henkei Ironhide MOC (HKD$250), Mirage MOSC (HKD$350) and C-18: Attack Team MOSC (HKD$160). Mirage is absolutely beautiful and a steal really.

A photo.


  1. Mirage's a steal? I remember I got him for like SGD$28 back then...

  2. As they say, that was then, this is now - the key words are "back then...". Dont forget Henkei Mirage was released more than 1.5 years ago. Buying at retail would definitely be cheaper.

  3. Great Acquisition!.


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