14 October 2010

Takara Brave series, Dug Base, unused

This is a very interesting one. It is a remold of Return of Convoy, C-371: Grandus, but at less than a fraction of the price of Grandus. It actually has all the parts that came with Grandus plus some extras.

Bought it from a shop I frequent at Richmond Centre in Mong Kok.

Some key differences are: 

  1. The stickers are almost entirely different.
  2. New head sculpt.
  3. Has fists instead of claw hands.
  4. comes with two long ramps instead of short ramps
  5. comes with mini figurines instead of Micromasters.
  6. Does not have connector for Star Convoy to connect with and motorise the lift.

Unused sticker sheet very different from the Grandus one, here.

Parts sealed in original baggies

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