02 October 2010

OZ Formers farewell heroic decepticon (and some acquisitions)

Today, my buddies from OZ Formers fare welled me in very Transformer like fashion. The farewell was attended by 1AZRAEL1, dirge, fatbot, gamblor916,  Hursticon, kup, liegeprime and Sky Shadow. We watched many Transformer related episodes at the private cinema in my apartment building. Let's see... we watch episodes 1 and 2 of the fan made War Within animated series, Beast Wars: The Agenda Parts 1-3, another BW episode that continues from The Agenda and of course, TFTM (the 1986 one, ahem).

My faulty TFTM dvd, which was scratched, resulted in us having to cut short that session after Galvatron destroyed Starscream. We went to the pool deck to celebrate liegeprime's birthday, complete with birthday cake.

At pool deck


All of us except dirge who had to leave a little early

It was a very fun day and I very much appreciate the time my buddies took to farewell me. Some had to travel very far to get to Town Hall.

Again, in true Transformer fashion, I acquired some things today. Thanks to fatbot and gamblor916. Hightlights are te Hard Hero Shockwave bust and the limited edition Silent Bob figure MOSC, signed by Kevin Smith. The latter is a farewell gift from fatbot to me. Thanks!

Hard Hero Shockwave bust MIB (limited edition 498 of 2500)

Limited edition bear-con Silent Bob in-action figure MOSC, signed by Kevin Smith


  1. Farewell from a non-NSW OTCAer! Hope you periodically visit as well as keep up the blog! Safe travels.



  2. Thanks Jay, always good to have you around!


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