27 November 2014

Takara, Fight! Super Robot Lifeform, 01-Convoy MIB (#21 of 36)

This is piece #21 of 36 of the 36-piece mega-lot (see 'Related Posts' at the end of this entry).

In some ways, this is the piece 'that started it all' as far as Japanese Transformers are concerned. This is likely the very first Takara boxed Japanese TF... 01-Convoy.

From what I understand, there are a number of versions of this piece, a number of variations. My collector buddies Chaos Kit, Maz and Himawari would know a lot more than me, so I'm not going to pretend to state where in time this particular came about, but just state what I see.

26 November 2014

Panini Transformers sticker book and Transformers FHE Poster

Here are 2 items that share the same 'cover' - this one below

Back in 1984 / 1985, every Friday at 6.30pm, Channel 5 in Singapore would flash the above image for maybe 2-3 seconds before it played the opening theme song of the Transformers cartoon and then that week's episode would commence!

For me, that image above represents the start of that week's exciting Transformers episode, where new and exciting things happen, where I get to see and meet new robots which are thrown into various life-threatening situations. It therefore is little wonder that the above image is extremely close to heart for me.

25 November 2014

Takara Transformers 2010, C-78: Rodimus Major MIB

I bought this back around October 2013. Wow, that is how long it's taken me to post about it... about a year late.

Bought it at the China Square flea markets when I was walking around with the Cave Collector and TCYE.

23 November 2014

G1 Skywarp - USA pre-rub, Mexican, Takara 23-Skywarp, SCF Skywarp

I bought a Mexican Skywarp from Masterforce.co.uk at around the time they started their online toy business - I wanted to show support in terms of actually buying something from them.

It was a pleasure buying from them - the responses were prompt, the package was well packed and the shipping was fast. Overall, I was a very satisfied customer.
Left to right: loose USA pre-rub Skywarp; 23-Skywarp MIB (Japanese box); USA Skywarp box; Mexican Skywarp (plane mode) and box.

Xmas is now around the corner (or at least near enough I think) and many fans and collectors might be thinking of doing some shopping - which is why I'm bringing this up now... Masterforce.co.uk might be a good place to start (they sell more than just Transformers).

Masterforce also has a FaceBook page.

Ok, now on to Mexican Skywarp....

Fight! Super Robot Life - Japanese Transformers Takara boxed Insecticons MIB

Group shot of Takara boxed Insecticons:
40-Kickback MIB
41-Bombshell MIB
42-Shrapnel MIB

I have variously been told that, among the early G1 Japanese pieces, these pieces are quite rare, but I never quite fully appreciated just how difficult it could be to find them. It's been about 15 months since I bought these as part of a 36 pieces (and more actually) mega-lot from Devstar37 and to be honest, I have not seen any Takara boxed Insecticon pop up for sale on Yahoo Japan, Yahoo HK, eBay or FB sale pages.

22 November 2014

Group shots of Transformers Cassettes in Japanese Takara packaging

So I took some time to photograph cassettes that were released by Takara, all of them.

Since I was a boy, I've always really liked the cassettes, whether they were Autobots or Decepticons. I just thought they were so cool and the concept of them being spies just fit so well. Since the 80s, cassettes have become something of an anachronism, but that has not stopped Takara from releasing Masterpiece versions of various Decepticon cassettes. I'm sure there will be more than one 90s or post 2000-born kid that will ask their parents what a 'cassette' is!

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