12 March 2015

Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 9 Chase figures - Armada Pre-Earth body Convoy and Pre-Earth body Megatron

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ACT 9 was where the SCFs took a slightly different direction, it was no longer G1 focused.

ACT 9 features characters from the then current Transformers Armada line of toys and the assortment was made up of 6 Transformers Armada inspired robots - Convoy, Megatron, Starscream, Ratchet, Ironhide and Hot Rod, all in Armada designs and body.

The same is applied to the Chase figures for this ACT, they are Armada designs and characters rather than G1. At this point, Takara lost a lot of die-hard G1 fans and there was generally a lot of hate because fans at the time wanted the SCF series to continue with more G1... there were so many characters who have yet to receive the SCF treatment, notably characters like Shockwave, Ravage, Rumble, Mirage, Sideswipe, Bluestreak, Prowl, etc.

I'm not a fan of ACT 9, but I have the Chase figures nonetheless. Gotta get 'em all huh?

The ACT 9 Chase figures are:
  1. Pre-Earth body Convoy (aka Cybertronian mode Optimus Prime); and
  2. Pre-Earth body Megatron (aka Cybertronian mode Megatron).

Aaaand, here they are. Convoy actually looks pretty good and like a beefier version of his G1 self. Megatron on the other hand, is quite different from all previous incarnations except maybe for the green which is reminiscent of G2 Megatron.

11 March 2015

Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 8 Chase figures - Paradron Medic and Coronation Starscream

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On to ACT 8 Chase figures now!

Getting in the grove, so I'm knocking these out day after day. Funny thing is, all these photos were actually done some 2-3 years ago, all on the same day and ready to go. Just that I have not loaded them up and wrote about them.

If ACT 7 had apparently non-Victory characters like Wheeljack and Perceptor that raised eyebrows, ACT 8 is truely even more questionable. In fact, I am not sure what the focus of ACT 8 was supposed to be - it features Star Convoy pretty heavily in terms of the art on the boxes and the carton, but it does not appear to be a Battlestars or Return of Convoy ACT for sure.

ACT 8 consists of Alpha Trion (2010), Cyclonus (2010), Fortress (aka Cerebros, from Headmasters), Meister (from Fight! Super Robot Lifeform), Dai Atlas (from Zone) and Star Convoy (from Battlestars Return of Convoy). Ah, okay, maybe the aim was to have 1 character from each series? 

Anyway, that's not why we are here... now onto the Chase figures for ACT 8, which were:

  1. Paradron Medic; and
  2. Coronation Starscream.
The 'build-a-figure' pack in for ACT 8 is Mega Zarak (aka Scorponok) from the Headmasters series. Despite how this may be listed, Mega Zarak was present in every carton as a 'build-a-figure' and not a Chase figure per se.

10 March 2015

Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 7 Chase figures - (i) Victory Saber upgrade (ii) 'burning' Star Saber (iii) Deszaras with eagle brest

Previous post - Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 6 Chase figures - Dirge and metallic Galvatron

So now, in quick sucession, I am trying to do a few SCF posts. Move while the momentum is with me, strike while the iron is hot, make hay while the sun shines... and all that.

So here we are, ACT 7, perhaps one of the most interesting set in terms of the characters and also the Chase figures.

ACT 7 consists of Wheeljack, Perceptor, Road Caesar, Liokaiser, Deszaras and Star Saber and was marketed as the 'Victory series' ACT. Wait a minute, Victory series? So what is Wheeljack and Perceptor whom are Fight! Super Robot Lifeform bots doing in the Victory ACT? Good question and now that I think of it and trudged through my memory, I remember they both (together with Minelba) appeared in a couple of episodes - where they as scientists / doctors tried to heal God Ginrai and later re-built him into Victory Leo!

Now onto the Chase figures for ACT 7, which were:

  1. Deszaras with eagle brest;
  2. Star Saber with golden paint (aka burning Star Saber); and
  3. Victory Saber upgrade parts in gold (to form burning Victory Saber).

I was initially very confused about which were the chase figures for this ACT, but now I think I have worked it out...

09 March 2015

Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 6 Chase figures - Dirge and metallic Galvatron

Previous post - Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 5 Chase figures - Alloy coated Convoy with Matrix and Ghost of Starscream

It's been some time since my previous SCF post - the last SCF post. Shockingly, it's been more than a year, almost 17 months ago in fact!

It's only recently that I started thinking about SCFs again after talking to a fellow collector and I though, hey, I still have not finished that SCF Chase figures series of articles that I set out to do so long ago. What's wrong with me? Why did I take so long? I don't know the answer to be honest. I guess, things go in the way... but now, I'm determined to try to push a few through, starting with this one.

Ironically, it was actually this very pair of SCFs that got me back into the SCF game once more after writing off Chase figures as 'too difficult' to collect, back in the early 2000s.

I checked the date of the photo that I snapped on that day and its 8 May 2012 - a full 3 years ago, to this date!!! This is the photo I snapped after I happened upon this ACT 6 pair during one of my toy shopping trips in the Yau Ma Tei area, back in 2012 (I recognise the background as my old place in Causeway Bay). The full story is here.

Writing this just brings back so many fond memories...

28 February 2015

beware of eBay seller "tfvictory1" - potentially latest new scammer

After speaking to collectors on FB and TFW2005 and also friends, I think eBay seller "tfvictory1" is potentially a scammer, so please beware!

Screen cap of this person:

On 25 February 2015, I won this Buy-It-Now auction and paid immediately - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Transformers-g1-Grimlock-Swoop-Dinobots-Prowl-Mirage-Sunstreaker-lot-/261792524338?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=4x%252F8%252F9tdtVq4PZ%252BW7PrdjhshgQ0%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc

1 to 2 days later the seller relisted the same entire lot with the same photos and the same description for sale.

This is the relisted auction, which is still live at the time of this writing and there are already 3 bids on it - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Transformers-g1-Grimlock-Swoop-Dinobots-Prowl-Mirage-Sunstreaker-lot-/261793624026?

I thought something was fishy and email the seller immediately. This is the chain of emails back and forth until he stopped replying.

"Can you let me know when you will ship this out? Also I see it has been relisted again on eBay?"

tfvictory1 (seller):
"I'm sorry can't send this lot to you I will send you cancelation email and you have to talk to paypal and ebay about this situation. I had 1 buyer buy a Defensor Giftset from paid it the same day then file a item not received the same day. Then I sold a Soundwave mp the buyer waited until I shipped Wednesday then file a unauthorized charge back to paypal. EBay always took $131 for so call fees which I only owe 101 $65 that not even due until march 15. I had $491 in my pay and now it's saying I'm 432 in the negative. After speaking with paypal and ebay for an hour they couldn't do anything but the charge back, the unauthorized fees which is not even linked to paypal. As far as the guy that filed a item not received he'll probably try to rip me off too. I'm not giving away my collection for free and I'm sorry you have be apart of this mess but I'm not losing 500 dollars and giving to ebay and paypal."
He attached this picture:

"No problem if you don't want to sell. Just refund me. Auction ended and I paid super fast in hopes of getting these.
I've not heard of issues like that with PP before, but a buyer cannot file a item not received until the expected delivery date is up and you are protected as long as you have tracking.
If you've experienced such issues, then it won't be any different when the winner of the now listed auction pays you.

I cannot accept the cancellation until I get fully refunded in any case"

tfvictory1 (seller):
"Exactly my point, I told ebay and paypal the same thing. I did ship it out on Tuesday with the tracking and signature confirmation."

"Another thing, I've checked your ended auctions and there's no Defensor or MP- Soundwave past listing and you've also sold a Seacon giftset twice it seems. Dude, tell me the truth man"

tfvictory1 (seller):
"Yes a 0 feedback bidder that hasn't responded to my emails about an hour ago and a 1 feedback buyer that bought a yoth prime from Australia which also has not responded. I'm really getting fed up and giving up on ebay."

"Dude, it's 3am in Australia now, of course the fella wouldn't have responded.

I'm sympathetic, but please recognize that each auction is a separate contract. I won. I paid you. It has NOTHING to do with another of your other auctions, BUT you're telling me that because of these other extrinsic auctions, you won't ship to me.

That just makes no sense, sorry. And you went and relisted the auction that I won"

tfvictory1 (seller):
"That's true, but I have a feeling that he's gonna say cancel my transaction because the shipping and taxes is going to be too much. I've been selling and buying on ebay for 3yrs now and know the outcome with these low feedback buyers. I ended the auction early for the Piranacon set after I noticed funds missing on paypal then relisted it. I'm attaching pics to show you I'm not a scammer or a fake. I'm just really upset. These figures were from my personal collection and I displayed them with pride and to have people try to scam me and get something for nothing just makes me mad. Again I'm really sorry about this and I hope you find it in your heart to forgive and apologize for dragging you into it"
He also attached this photo, where he shows he's doing it to another buyer too!!!

tfvictory1 (seller):
"Here another one that I sold yesterday. A scorponok"
He attached this picture:

"Only reason I bought from you is your solid feedback.
Well if he cancels the transaction after he's won, then all you're really out of pocket is the listing fees and final value fee, which I suspect would be less than $20.
Between you and me, I have PAID you, fair and square and honestly and in good faith.

Now you're telling me you won't ship to me and you won't refund and is just going to keep my money?? You can see how that comes across as a scam I'm sure"

tfvictory1 (seller):
"That's things I'm in the negative, I can't even refund you the money. I'm being honest with you."

"I've never heard of this happening before, really.

If you cannot refund, please ship the items to me. They will have a good home.

It would be absurd for you to walk off with my money after I've paid you - see attachment.
If I don't receive either the items or a refund, I will open a dispute with eBay and PayPal and you might end up being more in the negative than you are now (assuming that is even true)."
I attached a screen cap of my payment receipt:

Seller didn't respond any further.


Further messages on 28 Feb 2015 (around 1500hrs Hong Kong time)

tfvictory1 (seller):
"I really don't care anymore, paypal ebay and scammer on ebay think they can rip me off my collection that I work hard for. I don't think so , I'm not a charity for them and they can refund your money from their 100% money back guarantee that they offer buyer and kick the seller to the curb guarantee"

"I have sold and bought 40k worth of TF without any problems and to have buyers file fake charge backs after I shipped is a slap to my face. Again I apologize for dragging you into this conflict and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I didn't keep your money paypal has it in their resolution center."

"BTW the scorponok guy wanted to cancel and the seacon 0 feedback bidder has responded still and the Australian dude is still down under without no response.... I send you an updated screenshot showing no 1 paid."

He attached this picture:

"hey man, I do have sympathy for you, I do. I don't deny (and do not know whether) you have been scammed before.

BUT I paid you. And you blatantly stated you won't ship the toys.
Now why would any of these other buyers pay you and risk you telling them that you will not ship the toys to them AFTER they have paid?

Or are you telling me that you will ship to the Scorponok guy, the Seacon guy or the Australian guy after they pay? In which case, WHY won't you ship to ME???
Please go think about it. Not much of what you said makes sense."

tfvictory1 (seller):
"Because I change my PayPal email account. That's why I ended all my auctions early so I can make the change. I've sold some rare diaclone TF, sealed TF, and Victory series TF without any issues until now. I'm not out to scam anyone, my issue is with paypal ebay and how charge backs are handled."

08 February 2015

Hasbro - 1984 / 1985 G1 Autobot Cars MIB

E had to go back to the office today, so I had a couple of hours at home after sending her to work. Took out my early year boxed Autobot cars for a shot. 

After a decade and a half of chasing down every Generation One transformer, I think it really came down to these, or at least the 1984 / 1985 Transformers that are really close to heart and that I really want.

I don't know know about others, but this is such a sight to me and a real treat...

Left column: Mirage, Sunstreaker, Prowl, Hound, Ratchet, Ironhide (all from Series 1, 1984)
Middle column: Bluestreak, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, Jazz, Trailbreaker, Hoist (all from Series 1, 1984 except Hoist from Series 2, 1985)
Right column: Tracks, Skids, Smokescreen, Red Alert, Grapple, Inferno (all from Series 2, 1985).

23 January 2015

just for fun.... seeing double

Home alone this Friday evening and while I was packing Transformers, took a shot (that I soon will not be able to take)....

Diaclone blue Fairlady Z MIB aka "blue Bluestreak" x 02
C-108: Artfire MIB x 02
D-309: Black Shadow MIB x 02
C-326: Galaxy Shuttle MIB x 02 (one has turned mustard yellow, haha!)
Goodbye Convoy x 02
C-325: Greatshot x 02
D-307: Overlord x 02

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