17 March 2012

Predacon Rampage has been christened... Bobby!

Sometime around Chinese New Year this year, I decided to finally cave and buy the "2010 Special" Predaking giftset.

I usually try to buy something that has 'auspicious' colours such as strong reds or warm colours. The 2010 Predaking, being coloured in mostly reds, oranges and gold, suits the bill very fine.

About a week ago, I decided to open this monster. (Sorry Kuma-Nin, I know how sacrilegious that must sound to you, who wants to keep your 2010 Predaking sealed, but I have no qualms about opening MISB Transformers, heh).

A few days ago, I decided to entirely sticker Predaking up. Inevitably drawing more dissent and feelings of outrage from 'unused' collectors.

After I was done stickering, I randomly handed Rampage to E

"For you to transform (from robot to animal)", I said.

E transformed Rampage. 

She looked it over after she was done. Then tilted Rampage's animal head and said... "bobby".

I was like, "what?" and E said "he's a bobby".

Ok, so Rampage is christened Bobby forever more.

Another shot of "bobby"? Sure!


  1. did you go paste all the stickers? must have been quite challenging to put on the stickers for their eyes eh?

    Bobby's quite the cute name, wonder why the name 'Bobby' though :D

    1. Yup, pasted all the stickers, but not the eye ones yet. Think I'll do those today.

      As to why 'bobby', only E knows I guess...

  2. Heh... The main reason why I am keeping mine MISB is because I paid extra for a mint box, as he is going to be part of my AFA/permanent collection. Namely because I want my future children to know the glory of the (Generation 1) Transformers. (That, and I am both lousy at doing stickers... As well as a perfectionist when it comes to these things. ^^;)

    Besides, me wanting to get him in this manner is tied to my first trip to Japan. I first spotted him at a Toys "R" Us in Koriyama (Fukushima Prefecture; January, 2011) and my inner child wanted me to buy it. (I am wondering what will give me the same feeling on my upcoming trip, by the way. ^^)

    1. I like the idea of letting your children know the awesomness of G1!

      As with stickers, I'm quite a perfectionist as well and it took some time to do it. Probably took me 3 hours intermittenly watching Dog Whisperer as well... heh.

      All the best with your upcoming trip, I'm sure it'd be awesome. Japan always is.

    2. Thanks (x2). ^^

      With the Transformers, I am hoping that by the time I have any and they are old enough... There will be characters and series for them to enjoy. That, and have more than what I currently own. (Then again, I am hoping to see reissues of any of the Headmasters. It is still one of my favorite lines. ^^)

      And with my trip... Also thanks. ^^ I just have to remember to wear this one JUNGLE tee when I visit the Osaka branch... As I promised the guys at the first store in Los Angeles that I would. :p

      Besides... In the end, I just hope to have the luck you had when I seek out any figures on my want list. ^^

    3. I think I would be afraid to let my children touch my G1 TFs.... mortally afraid!

      Good luck with the hunt in Japan and send me some pics if you manage them!

  3. Please, please, please let her name the rest of them. Bobby can't be alone!

    1. 'wise' would be questionable, entertaining it'll definitely be! :D

  4. Hehe, "Bobby"... I like it! :D

    Whilst it is rather tasking and time consuming, how much fun was it putting all the stickers on huh? :)
    I think that was one of the biggest joys I've got out of my own 2010 Predaking set as I'd never had the opportunity to put stickers on a G1 molded toy before (Albeit the MM Anti-Airaft base set as a kid) let alone 5 of the coolest ones! :O

    You'll want to do the eye stickers after a good night's sleep and with plenty of energy dude, they were the single hardest stickers I'd ever applied on a figure (Until WST Soundwave came along... :P). ;)

    Will you be putting the red eye stickers on the Alt modes of your figures dude?, the only ones I used were Razorclaw's as I felt that with all the others having red heads (Divebomb's being Black of course) that if I put them on those they'd look odd and thought it was a better contrast for Razorclaw seeing as though his head is Gold.

    Their Bot mode eyes though all went red! :D, except for Predaking's visor - When I lined them up it just didn't feel/look right to me so I left his Black but wish that there was a golden/yellow visor sticker for him.

    They're fiddly as heck HD, I wish you the best of luck with their application mate. :)

    1. It's definitely very fun to put all the stickers on. It's also very satisfying that they are actually different from the G1 and the 2004 reissue's stickers. You are right Hursti, putting on stickers is really one of the most fun things for G1 TFs and is actually the first step to anyone "customising" their figure, because if you think about it, every one puts stickers on in a different way (ie: diff positions, and some slanted, some not).

      I'm still waiting for the right time and mood to put on the eye stickers, but like you, I'm still thinking about it because they may end up with too much red.

      Still thinking, still thinking...


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