29 April 2014

Takara, Fight! Super Robot Life, 23 - Skywarp MIB, unused (#10 of 36)

Following from my previous post, which showcased all the seekers in Japanese packaging, I will now (over time) go through each seeker in more detail.

So for this post, because I am lazy and actually 20 mins away from leaving to the airport to go to Fukuoka, I thought I actually wouldn't write anything and let the photos do their talking for one of my favourite G1 pieces, that was never available in Singapore when I was young, Skywarp!

He is #10 of 36.

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  1. Very nice condition piece. Pics make me want to collect them all in Japanese boxes, but space and $ get in the way of that, so I will just stare at yours instead lol. Safe journeys

    1. well, to be honest, I am not collecting all the Japanese boxed TFs (but most of them). They are actually more space efficient than US boxed TFs, because typically, US boxes tend to be larger in size for the same figure.

  2. Skywarp, definitely the cooler colour scheme of the three

    #dreams , no Godzilla attack in Japan I hope, have fun

    1. Agree. I like the Skywarp colour scheme the most since I was young. Pity that Singapore never saw a Skywarp release.

      No Godzilla attack yet, he's waiting another week and a bit for 14 May.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godzilla_(2014_film)


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