11 April 2014

Takara, Fight! Super Robot Life, 08 - Bluestreak MIB, unused (#8 of 36)

So this is figure #8 of 36 - Japanese box 08 - Bluestreak (or 'Streak' if you would). So #8 is 08, or 08 is #8, heh.

One of my all time favourites. What more can I say?

One of the key reasons I really love this guy is because of the box art - look at it, it's absolutely stunning. Thanks to Ginraii for doing the below pic for me.

So, this is the Takara Japanese boxed Bluestreak, one of the more difficult early Autobot cars to find in Japanese box. Certainly still commands a pretty hefty price, compared to say Prowl or Smokescreen, despite it being reissued just as many times as the other 2.

The rub-sign orientation for the Jap piece is different from the USA reb-sign figure - see below for comparison.

Top of the box featuring the legendary 'blue' Bluestreak.

A licensed trademark of Hasbro Bradley Inc.

The contents.

My version came with silver launchers. Suspicion had it that 08 - Streak also did come with red launchers, like it USA counterpart

Unused paperworks, 101% complete.

This is the special piece of paper and I guess not often seen or even known - it 'corrects' the instructions and tells you the correct placement of certain stickers. This was pointed out to me by Maz.

Box, insert and all paperwork contents.

Hasbro pre-rub Bluestreak with 08 - Streak

Hasbro pre-rub Bluestreak (loose), 08 - Streak and (bottom) USA box rub-sign Bluestreak. Look at the differing rub-sign orientations.

These are just shots of, ermm... lots of Bluestreaks...

... because when something is worth doing, it is worth overdoing.

Left column - 08-Streak MIB, Diaclone blue Fairlady Z (aka 'blue' Bluestreak), Diaclone blackhooded Fairlady Z (aka 'anime accurate' Blustreak).
Middle column - Hasbro USA boxed pre-rub Bluestreak MISB, Hasbro USA boxed rub-sign Bluestreak MIB unused
Right column - back of a 1985 Japanese Transformers LP

This is my Bluestreak shelf! 

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  1. You might as well buy the Hasbro Commemorative reissue while you are at it. The red launchers combined with black missiles looks nice!

    1. Haha, Colbey, you're convincing me to buy the Hasbro release once more, heh. I think I might buy it if I do come across it in person? But won't take the plunge if I have to buy it online and pay additional shipping. =)

  2. Stunning collection of Streaks, and in such excellent condition as well. So very impressed my friend!

    My motto seems to be "If something's worth doing, it's worth even more undoing it" hah..

    All the best

    1. Thanks man! Had help from you and G-Man, don't forget. Otherwise, some pieces may not have been possible.

      Don't undo your collection man....

  3. awesome collection, so the 08 Takara originally came with a turbo sticker already placed on the toy (3 turbo stickers in total?),sounds lame but that sticker makes the toy look really cool esp. on the diaclone 'blue'streak. Does this mould have diecast pieces?, im a noobling to this mould haha

    1. ah, sharp eyes. I don't think it came with the "Turbo" stickers on, just happened someone plastered it there. It's odd how over the years, I sometimes get pieces with completely unused paperworks (like this piece), but the toy itself has 1 or 2 stickers stuck on it.

      It does have die-cast pieces - the hood of the car (chest) and each lower leg is entire die cast!

  4. beautiful piece and streak collection.

  5. Very nice. You must be praying the upcoming exclusive MP is the blue deco

    1. yes, you are right, haha. Although after the many years of waiting, I'm not sure I would even be upset if it turns out to be something else other than blue....

  6. I'm laughing to myself as I read this because I just got a Bluestreak in! He isn't as rare as yours, but I think he'll look nice next to my vintage Bluestreak...

    1. great news that you got a Bluestreak, it is a great toy no?


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